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Get Paid to Teach English in Spain with TEFL/TESOL

International TEFL Academy offers a four-week long TESOL certification course. Aspiring teachers worldwide can pursue a teaching career in Spain. The program is offered in 95 Spanish cities including Alicante, Valencia, and Salamanca.

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International TEFL and TESOL Training: TEFL Courses in Spain

The ITTT TEFL course in Spain gives you the opportunity to learn how to teach English in one of the most lavish and exhilarating countries in the world. With Spanish music and dancing, great food, remarkable history, and exciting festivals, you can see why the Kingdom of Spain has acquired such a great reputation and is a leading destination for TEFL courses.

LanguageCorps – Teach English Abroad

Become an effective English teacher abroad through TEFL Certification Courses provided by LanguageCorps in Spain. Available in two equally-fantastic cities, Barcelona and Seville, participants get the chance to improve their teaching skills and boost their professional careers. Courses are open to American, Australian, Canadian, European, and Kiwi participants.

i-to-i TEFL Courses & TEFL Jobs Abroad

Teach basic and business English in Spain through i-to-i UK. TEFL certified instructors can bring their career to a different level through placement offered across the country, including in Alicante, Barcelona, and Madrid. Classes will give teachers the chance to experience working with both adult and young learners.

TEFL Course with Oxford TEFL

Travel to the stunning cities of Barcelona and Cadiz, enjoying fine sandy beaches and low-cost water sports while earning your TEFL Certification with Oxford TEFL. The schools are centrally located, making transportation easy and enhancing the experience of city life. Improve your fluency in Spanish with courses provided by sister schools that offer classes from beginner to professional levels.

BEST Programs

Learn to teach English while studying the Spanish language through BEST Programs. This TEFL course is placed in the Spanish city of Madrid. Prospective ESL teachers from all over the world can experience cultural immersion in an academic environment while gaining new teaching skills.

TEFL and TESOL Certificate Programs in Spain

Earn a TEFL or TESOL certificate in Spain through TEFL Services International in Barcelona and Seville. The program, which is accredited by BOAA includes 120 hours of instruction plus teaching practice. Participants who are at least 19 years old, native or near native English speakers, and hold at least a high school diploma are welcome to join the program.

American TESOL Institute

Earn a TEFL certificate in a course at the American TESOL Institute. The certificate opens doors to teaching opportunities in Africa, Europe, and Asia. ESL jobs enable teachers to travel the world and change the lives of people in many different countries.

TEFL Courses with TEFL Iberia

TEFL Iberia offers a TEFL course that includes 10 hours of observed teaching practice and 120 hours of classroom lessons. The program covers all aspects methodology, grammar, lesson preparation, material production, use of technology in the classroom, and classroom management. Each class is made up of eight trainees taught by expert teachers and friendly, professional staff. To qualify for the ...

Cambridge CELTA Valecia, Spain

Embark on an exciting new career in teaching with Campbell College. Qualified applicants will be working at the Campbell College Teacher Training Centre, which was founded in 1993 with the specific aim of providing high quality teacher training courses for experienced and new teachers in Valencia. Campbell College has trained hundreds of new teachers through the CELTA programme. They have ea...

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Earning TEFL Certification in Spain

The land of tapas, flamenco, and siestas, Spain has a rich history deeply intertwined with the many cultures of its people. Spain’s different regions, Basque country, Catalonia, and Andalusia, might as well be their own countries; the distinct languages, food, and customs of each region make the chance to teach in Spain a dream for adventurers and explorers. Spain is one of the world’s most popular locations to earn a TEFL certification abroad, and there is a high demand for native English speakers who want to teach in Spain.


The most popular locations for TESOL programs in Spain are in the nation’s biggest cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and Sevilla. When choosing a certification program, it is important to make sure that it is an accredited TEFL program that entails at least 120 hours of courses as well as practice teaching. Before committing to a program, it’s important to speak with the program provider, learn more about the program, and assess the legitimacy of the classes, teaching style, and certification requirements. Most importantly, all TEFL certification programs should provide job-finding and networking assistance after completion of the program. TEFL programs in Spain that award Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in Language Teaching to Adults) certifications are the most widely recognized and accepted.

Madrid has the largest TEFL job market, and is a good place to take a certification course and search for jobs. Home to the famous Prado Museum, the Royal Palace, Plaza Mayor (Madrid’s famous main square), and thousands of bars, cafes, clubs, and restaurants, such as El Museo de Jamon (Museum of Ham), this lively city always has something going on.

Valencia, Barcelona, and Seville are located in three different regions of the country. Valencia is famous for its delicious paella (rice dish) and Las Fallas, a traditional festival held for Saint Joseph in which giant statues are burnt. Barcelona, a city full of beaches and Gaudi’s distinct architectural style (displayed through the cathedral La Sagrada Familia), actually speaks another language called Catalan. Seville has one of the most impressive cathedrals in Spain, world famous Flamenco shows, and widely growing bitter oranges used for jam and marmalade. Each of these cities has a large number of TESOL programs and TEFL jobs available.

Courses & Programs

Programs can offer online TEFL courses or instruction provided in a classroom setting. Traditional in-class courses usually consist of 120 hours or more of workshops, tutorials, group work, and four to six hours of practice teaching. Online courses, on the other hand, are much more independent with less hands-on experience. Online TEFL courses available in Spain may have teacher observation through online videos, which still require students to partake in four to six hours of teacher practice in an ESL learning environment.

At the end of coursework, participants must take a TEFL certification exam and pass in order to become TEFL certified to teach in Spain. A bachelors degree is usually required to participate in programs which offer TEFL certification abroad, and participants must be native or fluent speakers of the English language.

Salary & Costs

Certification programs typically cost anywhere from $900 to $2,500 USD, and average salaries for those who teach in Spain range from $900 to $2,000 USD each month. Teachers in smaller cities tend to earn a lower salary, while teaching opportunities in Madrid, or other big cities, pay higher. 

Most TEFL teachers in Spain have roommates and pay around $300 to $500 USD for accommodation. The cost of living in Spain is relatively low, normal groceries such as bread, milk, fruit, and vegetables are actually inexpensive compared to the United States. Additionally, olive oil, a product widely used throughout Spain, is extremely cheap in comparison to many other places; you can buy a five liter bottle of olive oil for just under $20. 

Clothes, shoes, souvenirs, and restaurants tend to be a bit more pricey than groceries and rent, but overall, it isn’t impossible to live off of a TEFL teacher’s salary. Teachers often do private English tutoring as well to supplement their regular pay. 

Accommodation & Visas

Though some TEFL programs don’t offer housing, many programs offer housing assistance to help students find accommodation. There are some programs that have pre-planned housing options for an additional fee, but most teachers opt to stay in a shared apartment or flat.

Some non-EU citizen TEFL program participants come to Spain on a tourist visa that is valid for 90 days. After finding a job, students may apply for a Spanish work visa in order to teach in Spain; work visas are necessary to legally teach English in Spain. That being said, many non-EU citizens are paid under the table because it can be difficult to obtain a visa from Spanish employers. There are some program providers that will supply their participants with student visas. International TEFL Academy, for example, is paired with an accredited language school in Spain that allows participants to obtain a student visa. This ensures that participants can legally teach in Spain for one year. 

Benefits & Challenges

The TEFL job market in Spain is one of the biggest in Western Europe - there are jobs in almost every city in Spain, making it a great place to participate in a TEFL certification or TESOL program. With job finding assistance and networking, it’s almost guaranteed that participants will find a job in Spain. Some programs even boast 100% job placement. One thing that TEFL teachers in Spain should be aware of is that only a small portion of Spanish citizens speak English, so it can be difficult to get by without at least a basic knowledge of Spanish.

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