TEFL Courses Abroad in Toronto, Canada

21 TEFL Courses Abroad Programs in Toronto, Canada

International TEFL Academy

Each year, thousands of people of all ages from a variety of educational backgrounds become TEFL TESOL certified. In a few months, you could be an International TEFL Academy graduate telling your friends how great it is to live and teach English abroad!

i-to-i TEFL Courses & TEFL Jobs Abroad

Whether you’re new to the world of TEFL or you’re looking to add a TEFL certificate to your teaching experience, our internationally accepted and accredited TEFL courses will help you get qualified and find teaching work.

Teaching English for Specific Purposes

Are you ready to take your teach and travel experience to the next level? Can you picture yourself in different countries teaching English at airline companies, hotels, multinational companies, and global executives from diverse market segments? Then, take our 5 month, online, Teacher Training Certificate Program. Throughout the program, you will learn the fundamentals of teaching English ...

CERTESL/TEFL Programs, University of Saskatchewan

Because our TEFL certificate is university-based and ladders into our longer, TESL Canada-recognized CERTESL program (Certificate in Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language), it's a great way to find international adventure while taking the first steps towards a rewarding Canadian career in TESL.