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Internationally Accredited Online TEFL Certification

Earn an internationally accredited 170-hour Online TEFL Certification for teaching English abroad from International TEFL Academy. This state-of-the-art interactive course incorporates live practice teaching and is taught by experienced university professors. All students receive lifetime job placement assistance from expert advisors for teaching English in more than 50 countries worldwide.

University of Toronto TEFL Online

Earn a TEFL certificate online through the University of Toronto TEFL Online program. Participants can take part in 100, 120, or 150-hour courses and earn six to eight core units plus more. The program is open to participants of any nationality with at least a high school diploma.

ESL teacher and students having fun while learning English

Become a certified English teacher by earning a TEFL/TESOL certification with Maximo Nivel in Antigua, Guatemala. This program is the perfect passport to a job teaching English in Latin America or anywhere else in the world! The 4-week/150-hour certification program includes more than 15 hours of practical English teaching and observation of experienced teachers. Groups are small with usual...

i-to-i TEFL

The 60 hour Foundation TEFL course includes grammar and specialist teaching modules and will give you specialist teaching skills that are in demand by employers worldwide. As a leading and established TEFL/TESOL course provider, i-to-i offers you a range of courses that allow immediate, 24/7 online access. This incredible combination of courses gives you the opportunity to get certified and...

Teach Explore Asia (XploreAsia)

Develop confidence and skills in teaching with a TEFL online course through XploreAsia. Participants take part in a four-week program that includes 120 hours of instruction and is internationally accredited by OTTSA. The program accepts participants who are native English speakers of any nationality and has an application process that runs for one week to one month.

TEFL Training College - Go-TEFL

Build TEFL skills by taking part in a TEFL Training College - Go TEFL online course. This is an internationally recognized TEFL / TESOL Learning and Education program that lets participants study at their own pace and time online with personal professional tutors. Participants gain access to the TEFL Library/Portal, job search assistance, training tools, and Online Learning Community.

LoveTEFL Ltd

Get a free 12-hour online TEFL course when you enroll in LoveTEFL Ltd’s Thailand program. Participants will be joining a group of TEFL interns in Thailand. Before the actual teaching, they will be taking excursions that will immerse them in the local culture.

Specialized TEFL Course - Teaching Grammar

This is a TEFL certificate extension course that will further develop your teaching skills in a specific field. We have now offered these Specialized TEFL Courses for several years and guarantee high professionalism, quality and, especially, satisfaction! Participating to a Specialize TEFL course will not only make you a better teacher but it will give you a significant competitive advant...

International TESOL and TEFL Training: Online Certificate, Diploma, Specialized and Residential Certificate Courses

ITTT, the world's leading online TESOL course provider, offers a wide variety of high quality, practical online courses. Our courses are internationally accredited and meet all international standards. Teach, travel, live and work abroad with an international TESOL certificate. We provide our EFL / ESL teachers with the all the necessary skills and training needed to be a modern, successful ...


Join this online-learning program offered by TESOL-direct. Participants benefit from the competitively priced and professionally designed TESOL course. They can study from home and save on travel expenses.

120 Hour - TESOL Certificate - Online & Accredited

UNI-Prep Institute's online TESOL certificate course is accredited and internationally recognized to qualify trainees to work as an English/ESL/EFL teacher anywhere in the world. The 120-hour course offers videos, tutor support, free shipping, and many other benefits. The institute also provides job support and exclusive placement opportunities. Headquartered in Canada, UNI-Prep Institute has g...

Global English TESOL

Gain an edge in the employment market with a TESOL certification earned through one of the most established online providers. Global English is trusted by partners and trainees across the globe. They provide specializations for the competitive global market.

TEFL Courses with TEFL Iberia

TEFL Iberia offers a TEFL course that includes 10 hours of observed teaching practice and 120 hours of classroom lessons. The program covers all aspects methodology, grammar, lesson preparation, material production, use of technology in the classroom, and classroom management. Each class is made up of eight trainees taught by expert teachers and friendly, professional staff. To qualify for the ...

IBERO TEFL Institute Buenos Aires

IBERTO TEFL Institute in Buenos Aires, Argentina, offers an intense, challenging, and exciting four-week internationally recognized TEFL course in the downtown area of beautiful Buenos Aires. Guaranteed and paid job positions are an integral part of the course. IBERO offers the unique experience of getting an international diploma with the plus of improving Spanish for an ever-increasing compet...

Accredited TESOL/TEFL Courses Online with Global English

Start a career in TESOL with an accredited online TESOL program from one of the most established providers in the United Kingdom, Global English. The program offers various TESOL courses, from business to young learners. Choose from several 70-250 hour accredited TESOL certification programs.

CCELT TEFL Certification Online

CCELT is an academic organization focused on quality instruction, CCELT is committed to providing an effective online approach to communicative language teaching. Offering a world class TEFL certification course, CCELT seeks to equip teachers with the skills and tools necessary for a successful English teaching career. CCELT is partnered with North America’s top teacher placement agencies, g...

Norwood English

Choose from a variety of TEFL courses offered by Norwood English. Among the programs they offer are Teaching Children, Diploma in TEFL Research, and Teaching Business English. Participants can complete the courses from the comfort of their own homes.

TEFL Scotland

Take an internationally recognized online TEFL course with TEFL Org UK. Qualified students can apply for one of many exclusive jobs offered to graduates. They can earn up to GBP 1500 monthly in countries such as the Czech Republic, Spain, China, South Korea, and Japan.


Earn your TEFL / TESOL Certificate course with ICAL. We provide observed teaching practice delivered through video lessons. The program’s in-depth approach and monitored TP make it ideal for teachers who already have teaching experience.

TEFL Courses Ireland

TEFL Courses Ireland offers online and classroom-based courses. Courses run on weekends and during the week at locations throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland. At the end of the fun and interactive training run by experienced and friendly TEFL tutors, participants receive an internationally recognized and accredited TEFL certificate. Courses are available in Belfast, Cork, Derry, Limerick, an...

Harvest Christian School International

Take part in this online training offered by Harvest Christian School International. The school provides programs that adjust to the individual participants' own pace, boasting numerous TESOL alumni now posted in ESL teaching positions in several countries across the globe.

Eton Institute

Earn an internationally recognized TESOL certification from home. Eton Institute provides an inquiry-based course that combines theoretical background knowledge with the necessary practical skills for effective classroom teaching. Participants gain qualification in modern and communicative language methods.

Christian TEFL

Train to teach English with Christian TEFL. We offer TEFL courses accredited by ACTDEC. We also offer placements through one of our established partners.

Study Anywhere, Teach Anywhere

4-week / 120-hour TESOL/TEFL Certification Course include: - Teaching methodology - Classroom management skills - Phonology - How to teach English grammar - Class preparation - Hands-on teaching - Evaluating ESL classes - Career-support services

TEFL Teacher Training Program -

Entrust TEFL is a premier full service Teacher Training company that provides a total solution for the applicant all in one package. Entrust TEFL has three training locations to obtain qualified teacher training and placement through our various programs to suit your needs. Our training locations are designed to be fun and immerse you in Thai culture, which include resort accommodation, lo...

International TEFL Institute

Enroll in International TEFL Institute’s Online Learning program. Participants gain a deep understanding of teaching techniques and methodologies. Increase your chances at landing a teaching job in both developed and developing countries abroad.

Global Language Training

Earn your TEFL certification through Global Language Training. Participants develop practical teaching methods that are based on international standards. The program opens the door to many exciting job opportunities worldwide.

TEFL Express

Choose TEFL Express and land a well-paid English teaching job in countries across the globe. Participants gain a deep understanding of advanced teaching methods. Graduates earn an accredited Advanced TEFL Certificate.

Academy of Languages and Training Canada

Earn a Professional TESOL Diploma through this online program offered by Academy of Languages and Training Canada. The program is designed for advanced level students and professional English teachers interested in receiving Canadian training. It also features directed online research of the most current strategies and methodologies for teaching English.

International Teacher Training Organization

Take an online TEFL/TESOL course with International Teacher Training Organization. We provide certification and teacher training that will help participants get a well-paid teaching job. Participants will learn to manage classes, design activities, and plan lessons.


Earn a fully accredited TESOL certificate with INTESOL Spain. We provide high quality academic programs that are widely acknowledged by employers. Both experienced teachers and those just getting started in the field can benefit from the program.

CELTA Program in Istanbul, Turkey

Train to be an English teacher in the culturally rich and historically fascinating city of Istanbul. We provide internationally recognised teaching qualifications from Cambridge Univeristy as well as assistance finding teaching positions after the course. Istanbul is a thriving city and the gateway to the East. If you are adventurous and looking to the future there is no better place to start. ...

Get TEFL Certified Online - Save up to 30% this month!

Get certified from home to teach English abroad! TEFL Online is convenient and affordable, and earns you an internationally recognized teaching certificate from an accredited institution. The interactive, easy-to-follow course covers the basics of TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), giving you everything you need to start teaching English abroad. TEFL Online features personal feed...

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Online TEFL Certification

Online education is no longer the second tier option it once was, accredited universities now offer full-fledged degrees online, which lead to solid careers. The same can be said for certification in teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Accredited online teacher training courses have become more respected and widely accepted than ever by English language schools around the world. That’s great news for cash-strapped college grads or others who dream of teaching English abroad but lack the free time or the funds to take an intensive, full-time TEFL course in the classroom. This guide offers the facts about online TEFL certification, to help you choose which online TEFL course

Is Online Right for You

Online TEFL certification has opened the door to teaching English abroad for people with busy schedules, tight budgets, or who live far from onsite course locations. With a 100+ hour certification, and in some cases a bachelor’s degree, English speakers will find opportunities to teach in Asia, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and sometimes beyond. Use this guide to choose your TEFL course with care, and you’ll soon be on your way to your own teaching adventure abroad.

Coursework & Structure

Once the decision has been made to earn a TEFL certification online, it’s easy to get lost in the maze of online TEFL courses. When choosing a course, future teachers face questions like which online TEFL school is reputable and how many hours of training is needed.

Most self-study online TEFL courses include components such as unit-by-unit reading, practice quizzes, videos, written assignments (such as lesson plans), and end-of-unit tests. Online TEFL programs are usually self-study, meaning you can log into your course and work on it whenever you have time, rather than having to attend classes at certain hours of the day. Give yourself about two to three months for most quality online TEFL certification programs of 100 hours or more.

Choosing An Online TEFL Course

All online training courses are not created equal, and the quality and content of a course can vary drastically from one provider to another. However, there are some industry standards to look for to be sure that the TEFL certificate you earn will be accepted by the most schools abroad.

1. Choose a Course of at least 100 hours

It’s true that in certain countries, such as China, courses of fewer hours may be accepted, but the vast majority of countries worldwide will look for 100+ hours of training. Onsite (classroom-based) courses are almost always over 100 hours, but when you take an online TEFL course you will have an array of choices, from as low as 20 hours to up to 200 hours or more! A 100-hour certificate is considered the international standard to be considered adequately TEFL-certified.

2. Make sure the TEFL course is accredited

Accreditation is an external review of a TEFL course to measure standards of quality, such as tutor qualifications, course content, and a provider’s policies and procedures for students. There is no single accrediting body for all TEFL courses abroad, and in fact TEFL courses are not actually required to be accredited at all. First and foremost, accreditation offers you, the consumer, assurance of the quality of your TEFL training. It also lets a prospective employer know that you took a reputable and comprehensive course. You can ask any TEFL provider to give you the name of their accrediting body and the external link to verify that accreditation.

3. Look for a Course with Tutor Involvement 

Some TEFL courses may simply be self-study online “textbooks” with a final exam at the end. Other courses assign students a qualified tutor who can give feedback on lesson plans and other assignments that they submit. Without the benefit of classroom training, this tutor feedback is a crucial part of any online course, as it gives trainees a chance to learn and improve with every lesson plan they submit.


Online TEFL certification courses can present a mind-boggling range of pricing, from $49 Groupon deals to $1500 courses offered through universities. The average 100+ hour self-study online course with tutor involvement should cost somewhere around $400. 

Groupon deals, for example, that seem too good to be true likely are. Courses that cost closer to $1,000 are often affiliated with universities, and can even be taken for college credit in some cases, which can account for the higher price tag. These university-level TEFL courses are not required by most schools, but offer more advanced training that can appeal to the career teacher or someone who may later pursue a master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). For the majority of people who teach English abroad, a general TEFL course is plenty of training to qualify for teaching jobs overseas.

Getting Hired

Online TEFL courses have a lot of advantages, such as flexibility and price, but they usually come with less support than in-person TEFL classes, including less personalized job placement assistance. That doesn’t mean you’ll have trouble finding a job with this type of TEFL certification, but it does mean you will have to be a more proactive and independent job seeker.

Quality online TEFL courses will still provide you with a variety of online job placement resources, such as links to reputable international job boards, that you can use to find your first teaching jobs abroad. This isn’t as difficult as it may sound, as there are hundreds of TEFL jobs posted on these boards by language centers and recruiters, and this is the method most teachers use to connect with schools abroad. 

As with any job, employers at language schools abroad look at a number of factors when hiring teachers, so the rules are not black and white when it comes to where you can teach with an online TEFL certificate. There are, however, general guidelines and country comparison charts to help you decide what type of certification you need. If you are a new teacher without experience, and you hold a bachelor’s degree (in any subject), TEFL certification inline of at least 100 hours will lead to teaching jobs in regions such as Asia, Central and South America, Eastern Europe, and Africa. If you do not have a degree, you can still teach English abroad in many countries (such as most countries in Latin America), with an online TEFL certificate.

If you have a bit of teaching experience already, or you hold a degree in a subject related to teaching English, such as education or English, you may also be able to teach in regions where classroom-based TEFL certification is usually required, such as Western Europe or the Middle East. English teaching jobs in these locations are some of the most competitive and high paying.

Earning TEFL certification online has a great deal of benefits and can be exactly what you need to teach English abroad. The most important factor is where you want to teach. Once you know that, you can work backward to ensure you have the necessary qualifications.

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