Act it, State it!

by Shaneeka Reese

This is a great game in getting students to familiarize with the 50 States of the US. The idea is to act out something that gives a clue or reference to a State, and the groups will race to see who can guess the name of the State first. Divide the class into two groups and have them line up in two files and have everyone face the back of the room. Then, the first person from each line will go forward and read the name of the State from a piece of paper. They will have 10 seconds to think of an action and they will relay that action to the next person in their line. For example, for "Tennessee", they can break that apart to "tennis" and "see". They can wave their arm as though they were hitting a tennis ball with a racket, and they can follow that action by placing a hand well over their eyebrows as though shading their eyes and looking for something. The action will be relayed to the last person, but that last person will have to guess the name of the State. There should be no coaching from the other people in the line. The first group to guess the State correctly earns a point. What's funny is that the action usually dramatically changes as it is passed from one person to another, so it is very hard to make a guess. If you have the luxury of an hour for the game, you will probably only get around to guessing 5-7 States.

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