Teach Abroad in Tanzania

7 Teach Abroad Programs in Tanzania

Tanzania Teaching & Beaches

Our Tanzania teaching project is located on the picturesque Mafia Island, a protected eco reserve in the Indian Ocean. Living on the vibrant Frontier beach camp, you will teach English to children at a local school, and can also earn your TEFL for free if you log enough hours. There is also the chance to take part in diving or wildlife conservation work during your stay.

Red Sweater Project

Red Sweater Project is offering individuals with Education background to teach Physics to students at The Mungere School in Tanzania. Engage students in understanding Physics and participating in activities in the class. Teachers are responsible for managing classroom activities, coordinating extracurricular exercises and sports, and assisting with school administrative development.

K-3 grade Classroom/English Teacher

St. Mary's English School in Berega, Tanzania is seeking out teachers or volunteers to teach children from kindergarten to grade 3 in a small village. Located 5 hours from the capital, Dar Es Salaam, St. Mary offers affordable, high quality English education to students. Most students are enrolled on a scholarship supported by donations to Hands4Africa and are committed to a 3 to 12 month-l...