Teach in Singapore

21 Teach Abroad Programs in Singapore

NICS (Network of International Christian Schools, Inc.)

Discover one of Asia's cultural hubs while gaining international teaching experience through the Network of International Christian Schools. Teachers are placed at the International Community School located in Singapore City. The school seeks Christian participants who have at least some student teaching experience with a desire or willingness to improve their teaching abilities.

International TEFL Academy

Teach abroad in Singapore through an opportunity provided by the International TEFL Academy. Positions are available from a six-month to a year-long duration, allowing participants to jumpstart a teaching career abroad while enhancing their professional mentoring abilities. The program is based in Singapore City and is offered to prospective participants from across the globe.

i-to-i TEFL Courses & TEFL Jobs Abroad

Choose from over ten program options provided by i-to-i UK Ltd in Singapore. Conveniently nestled in the cosmopolitan Singapore City, participants can explore some of the country's best destinations while imparting valuable knowledge of the English language. On top of that, they will gain a high-quality TEFL certificate which allows for an advantage in the teach abroad industry.

Find a Teaching Position and Relocate to Singapore!

Experience the vibrant and multi-cultural city of Singapore by taking part in Teach Anywhere's teach abroad programs. Placements revolve around teaching kids age three to eight in schools, as part of an established school group utilizing British curricula. Participants must have a degree in a related field.