Teach Abroad in Ghana

6 Teach Abroad Programs in Ghana

Global Nomadic Ltd

We specialize in providing Serious and Affordable Volunteer & Internship Opportunities. Global Nomadic has been set up with the express intention to offer impartial and specific, accurate advice & field placement to individuals seeking to put their efforts to good use.

Ghana Education Programs

SYTO is offering an exciting short-term education experience in some selected schools in Ghana. This program is open to people of all ages and backgrounds, regardless of nationality or qualifications. Volunteers will certainly gain an amazing life experience from your participation in our placements. The unique part of our programs is, we allow volunteers to sample all the tasks being offered a...

Global Volunteer Network

Those who have a keen interest in helping kids in Africa learn a wide range of subjects, can participate in teaching programs with Global Volunteer Network. Programs are available in Ghana, located in the city of Accra. The program gives participants the chance to teach children from pre-school to junior secondary school. Subjects include science, language literacy, and basic computer skills.

Dream Shelter Ghana

DREAM SHELTER GHANA was born in 2007 as a service oriented, non-government organization concerned with the deplorable conditions of the rural communities. We are working to improve the conditions of deprived communities through volunteering programs as well as community support projects

Volunteer Placement in Prampram

Volunteer in this program would teach in private, government, or mission school either in Nursery, Primary, Junior High Secondary or Senior Secondary Schools depending on choice. In these schools, interness could teach one or two subject like Mathematics, English language, Chemistry, Physics, Business Management, Information technology (I.C.T, Religious and Moral Education and many more). V...