Teach Abroad in Germany

21 Teach Abroad Programs in Germany

Travel and Teach Abroad in Germany

Live in Germany while introducing a native family to the ins and outs of the English language. Offered by GeoVision, this program provides participants with teaching materials to aide in the planning of conversational English lesson for their host families. In exchange for teaching English up to 15 hours a week participants a compensated with free room and board.

Get Paid to Teach English Abroad in Germany

Work in one of Germany's prestigious academic institutions through the International TEFL Academy. Participants from all over the world can engage in TEFL certification courses with supplemental teaching placements. Teaching opportunities are located in multiple German cities, from Aachen and Argenbuhl to Bonn. Participants can experience the culture, lifestyle, and academic environment of Germ...

i-to-i TEFL Courses & TEFL Jobs Abroad

The TEFL Jobs Placement Service is completely free. If you take one of our TEFL courses (or if you already have 120 hours of TEFL certification), we’ll introduce you to one of our TEFL contacts overseas and help you apply for the job.


InterExchange has 29 programs in 14 different locations. Programs are offered in Argentina, Australia, Costa Rica, France, Germany and 9 other countries.

Eurolingua Institute

Native German speakers can apply as a homestay tutor in Germany through Eurolingua Institute. They will have the chance to recruit students from all ages to attend Eurolingua programs. The teaching program is looking for a degree holder with a bright personality and an open mind.