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44 Veterinary Medicine/Science Study Abroad Programs

CISabroad - giving you the best value in study abroad

Take part in fully supported study abroad programs in Veterinary Medicine through CISabroad. Students get the chance to enroll in their major course while enjoying fun experiences and learning opportunities outside the classroom. They can embrace the chance to go backpacking around Europe while earning academic credits on their journey.


Join the Equine summer program provided by Adelante. The program is based in the Scottish countryside, located just outside Edinburgh. Students will learn about Equine Anatomy, Physiology, and Fitness while gaining hands-on experience in English-style riding.

Study Abroad Programs with ISA

Study Veterinary Medicine with International Studies Abroad. Located in the cities of Milan, Sydney, and Seoul, participants can have the chance to experience the vibrant culture in and outside of the campus. This program is only available to Canadian and American students.

Institute for Sustainable International Studies

Travel to Belize and study Veterinary Medicine with Institute for Sustainable International Studies. Gain insights and new knowledge while working alongside animals in the zoo and on farms. Worldwide participants can engage in a semester or summer study abroad program.

Study in Ireland at Trinity College Dublin

Study abroad at Trinity College in Dublin for a semester of full academic year. Earn transferrable credit while immersing yourself in the thriving student community of Irelands oldest and most prestigious university. With a beautiful campus located in the heart of Dublin, Trinity College is perennially ranked as one of the top universities in the world. We offer a broad curriculum of major or ...

Asia Exchange

Enroll in Veterinary courses at one of Malaysia's best universities with Asia Exchange. Students get the chance to experience campus life in Kuala Lumpur. The university boasts research stations and institutions that provide an engaging and comprehensive learning environment.

Study Abroad- Veterinary Field Study, South Africa

This special interest course is designed for pre-vet and veterinary students. You will learn more about the wildlife veterinary industry, participate in game capture, conduct field and lab work, visit the Kruger National Park. meet and interact with wildlife veterinarians in the field. Earn 8 credits from the University of Pretoria, South Africa.

Stint Ireland

Study Veterinary Medicine at a top university abroad under the guidance of Stint Ireland. Students can enroll in semester or academic year programs. The organization works with students and their home university, and endeavors to find the best possible course to match individual academic needs and personal interests.

Education New Zealand

Experience urban creativity and be inspired by the stunning scenery as you take courses in New Zealand. Education New Zealand provides academic programs that use a fresh approach to learning and cutting-edge interactive teaching methods. Home to world-renowned musicians, artists, designers, filmmakers, and many fascinating attractions, New Zealand offers an amazing world outside the classroom.

Arcadia University: The College of Global Studies

American and Canadian students can study Veterinary Medicine/Science at elite universities abroad through Arcadia University: The College of Global Studies. Gain invaluable knowledge and skills while living in Australia or England for a semester and go on weekend excursions and cultural exploration during weekends. Students can avail of accommodations at their host institutions.

Study Abroad at Bangor University in Wales, UK

Many students choose to study at Bangor University, North Wales as visiting study abroad scheme students. Every year, well over 100 students from North, Central and South America, Asia and mainland Europe undertake a semester or a whole year at Bangor and transfer the credits achieved to the home University. This means that students who are taking a degree course at another university can vi...

Semester Abroad and Bachelor's Degrees at James Cook University, Australia

James Cook University (JCU) is the second oldest university in Queensland and Australia's leading university in the tropics. Offering excellence in teaching and research, JCU is a vibrant, multi-campus university with campuses in the Queensland cities of Townsville and Cairns, and a modern city campus in the city-state of Singapore. Total student enrolments are more than 18,000 and growing, ...

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Studying Veterinary Medicine Abroad

If you plan on studying veterinary medicine you’re obviously a animal lover and the outdoors, which means study abroad may be made for you. Pre-vet students can major in anything, but typically they choose a natural science, such as Biology or Zoology. These are exciting subjects to study abroad, but if they don’t work out there are still plenty of electives you can take abroad too. Either way, be sure your path to vet school includes studying veterinary science abroad, because it will give you the chance to see the animals you love in their native habitats!

Why Study Vet Med Abroad

Acceptance to veterinary school is becoming more and more competitive, with only about 40 percent of applicants being accepted, so hands-on experience is becoming more important. It not only makes you stand out on an application, but can also help you know that veterinary medicine is definitely the career path you want to follow. There are many different specialties in veterinary medicine too, so international experience can help you decide which area you would like to specialize in. Many veterinary study abroad programs allow students to work alongside experienced veterinarians and with unique animal populations. Studying veterinary medicine abroad will allow students to learn more about the day-to-activities of their future profession as well as take interesting courses in some of the most diverse areas of the world.


South Africa is one of the top places to study abroad–period, but its environment and natural resources make it even more attractive to animal and nature lovers. With over two dozen wildlife reserves and game parks, many universities are actually located near protected areas. Students who study veterinary science in South Africa get to see lions, giraffes, zebras, and elephant roaming through their native habitats and witness their true behaviors. Not to mention the country offers a great climate and world renowned rock climbing and surfing. 

Costa Rica has a few tricks up its beautiful green sleeve even though it is one of the most visited locations on Earth. Over 25 percent of Costa Rica is protected land and they put a great value on being home to an immense amount of biodiversity. Costa Rica also has an incredible higher education system–the best in Central America. Costa Rica places such a value on its environment that it has made a vow to sustainability. Dedicating itself to this concept means Costa Rica is moving forward as the world’s leader in new methods of preservation. It is also famous for study abroad programs that include unique research opportunities and field work that take student out into the environment. 

Australia is a vast and wild adventure that includes the Great Barrier Reef, pristine beaches, kangaroos, wallabies, and more. While there are plenty of cute and cuddly animals, Australia is also home to some of the most fascinating and perhaps dangerous creatures on Earth, making for an excellent place to study veterinary science or take part in any animal research. The nation’s shoreline and reef systems have made it particularly popular for studying marine biology, but it is a great location for any natural science.

Courses & Programs

Biology & Marine Biology are ideal courses to take while studying abroad. Not only do they let you see concepts come to life all around you, but these courses offer great opportunities for research and real experience, both of which will help you look good when applying to veterinary school. Science courses can often include hours in the lab as does research, but study abroad programs naturally and purposefully add excitement to the mix. Marine biology study abroad is often paired with scuba diving certifications, boat trips, nature walks, and island excursions.

Conservation & Wildlife programs are also an especially great ways to get hands-on experience with various animals while studying abroad. Work firsthand against the loss of habitat for many species as a result of development. Some field work in conservation projects will include rescuing animals or assisting in their recovery. Experience working with animals is required by some veterinary schools, but even if it is not a requirement, the direct experience will make you a more competitive applicant. Many conservation programs include not only specialized projects, but also seminars and lectures from experts in the local environment or related fields.

Humanities & Social Sciences are typically part of your general education courses, but are also required for applying for veterinary school. They include the courses such as music, theater, languages, anthropology, and history all of which are great courses to take abroad because there is so much variety available. These are also courses that let you dive into the culture and really learn about the place you decide to study abroad. For example, you can choose to take an African music class, Spanish, or French literature.

Benefits & Challenges

Science Course Schedules. Studying science abroad can sometimes mean being on a strict academic schedule. Most courses need to be taken in a specific order, some are only offered a certain semester, etc. This can make choosing your courses abroad a little more challenging, but just be sure to work closely with your academic advisor and program provider.

Professional Experience. A career in veterinary medicine offers many opportunities to work in environments all over the world either helping or learning about animals. If intensive field work, research, or work with a certain species is appealing to you, study abroad is how to start.

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