Study Abroad in Tunisia

6 Study Abroad Programs in Tunisia

Study Abroad in Tunisia with SIT Study Abroad

Explore the dynamics between modernity and tradition, Islam and secularism in post-revolutionary Tunisia, the birthplace of the Arab Spring. On this semester abroad program from SIT Study Abroad, undergraduates receive immersive Arabic language training, experience Tunisian culture, and witness firsthand an emerging democracy.

The Gilman International Scholarship Program & Boren Awards

Boren Awards programs offer study abroad programs for U.S. citizens pursuing undergraduate or graduate degree credits in Tunisia. Students must have a good academic reputation and limited financial means. Recipients are also encouraged to seek employment in the U.S. government post-graduation to expand the knowledge and understanding of Tunisia in the federal government.


AMIDEAST offers students the opportunity to Learn and Serve in Tunisia in the city of Tunis for the summer semester. Students study Arabic and the Culture and Society of Tunisia, while concurrently participating in service learning activities. The program is open to American, Australian, Canadian, and European participants.

CET Academic Programs

Tunisia offers a big opportunity for international students, to both learn the Arabic Language and the culture of the nation as well as live in the busy capital of Tunis, through CET Academic Programs. The program is offered at all times of the year, for one semester or an entire academic year. CET is well-established, the organization has been designing programs since 1982.

Aardvark Israel

Journey through Tunisia and enroll in a distinguished institution through Aardvark Israel. Students worldwide can choose from a variety of academic fields, including Medicine, Psychology, and Graphic Design. This year long study program offers accommodation such as staff support, excursions, and lodging.


The Institute for Field Research project in Zita, southern Tunisia, is the first modern research expedition to be granted permission to work at the urban mound situated along an ancient trade route from Carthage to Tripoli. Attending students will continue with mapping the ancient city and its coastal and agricultural hinterlands. Students will also continue targeted excavation at the Roman for...