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Examine peacebuilding, post-conflict transformation, and the impact of international intervention on state formation, human rights, and transitional justice in the comparative context of Southeast Europe. The program explores the origins of the conflicts in the Balkans, from the breakup of Yugoslavia to the violent wars of the 1990s, as well as current challenges and opportunities in post-...


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Study Albanian in Tirana (Albania), Belgrade (Serbia), Skopje (Macedonia), and Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina.) The Balkan Language Initiative supports undergraduates, graduate students, and research scholars in the study of four regional languages in the Balkans. American Councils arranges individual or small group programs of study for language, literature, or history at leading institut...


Whether you are on a longer or shorter period in Serbia, learning Serbian language will help you to experience Serbia on the right way. Serbian language teaching is performed by the doctor Georgi Lozanov, the best method for learning foreign languages in the world. The first plan was put Conversation Serbian language and speak out after a few hours. Learn Serbian language without grammar. That ...