Study Abroad in the Philippines

8 Study Abroad Programs in the Philippines

The Gilman International Scholarship Program & Boren Awards

Students interested in studying abroad in the Philippines can seek funding through Gilman International Scholarships or Boren Awards. American citizens who would like to pursue graduate or undergraduate studies abroad are eligible to apply for Boren Awards. Award recipients frequently commit to work in the U.S. federal government after graduation, in return for the funding assistance, because t...

World Endeavors

The Philippines is an archipelago abundant in history, diverse culture, and tourist attractions, explore the island nation with World Endeavors. Study and live in Quezon City and study in one of the top universities in the country – University of the Philippines Diliman. Worldwide participants can choose from hundreds of courses from four schools: Arts and Letters; Social Sciences and Law; Mana...

Projects Abroad

Gain cross-cultural academic experience in the Philippines through Projects Abroad. The program is focused on Public Health and is designed help students get hands-on learning experience working alongside local health care professionals. Located in Cebu City, this program is available throughout the year.

Work the World

Study in the Philippines through Work the World. The programs are ideal for students pursuing a career in healthcare and are interested in global health, keen on expanding their knowledge base, and have insight into just how important their service learning is to the receiving communities.

George Mason University

Visit the Philippine tourist destinations through George Mason University. This summer break, students from all over the world can participate in a study program in Davao or Manila. The program offers courses in Asian Studies, Geography, and Conservation and Preservation.