Optometry and Vision Sciences Study Abroad

14 Optometry and Vision Sciences Study Abroad Programs

Mente Argentina - Study Abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina, and particularly the City of Buenos Aires, is worldwide known for its high-quality universities and academic institutions. Due to the great offer of university courses and the favorable exchange rate since the Argentine devaluation, it is very common today to find a great number of foreign students attending universities in the City of Buenos Aires.

Study Abroad in Dublin, Ireland

Study for a semester or academic year at one of Dublin's top universities. Stint Ireland will work with you and your university to find the best course offering and university in Dublin to suit your major and time frame. Stint Ireland also has a range of professional internships on offer to compliment your studies.

Study in Language, Culture, and Society in India

Knowledge Must assists students, professionals, and organisations to successfully cross cultural boundaries. The organisation has five divisions: Career Must, Language Must, Training Must, Travel Must, and Culture Must. Starting with career counselling, they provide study and work experience, language immersion, culture-specific and process-oriented training, individualised travel arrangements,...

Child Family Health International

Child Family Health International (CFHI) is a nonprofit that builds and strengthens sustainable healthcare services for underserved communities worldwide. We conduct global health service-learning programs for health science students while supporting local communities worldwide through community initiatives to advance quality healthcare for all.


ELEBAIRES - Spanish Courses in Buenos Aires has 22 programs in 2 different locations. Programs are offered in Argentina and Uruguay

Study Abroad with WCE - England, USA, Australia, and Canada

World Choice Education works with various first-rate universities, colleges, and schools in offering educational opportunities in various locations all over the world. They assist students with admissions and essential career choices. They also offer English courses, job opportunities, and assistance for finding the right accommodations for the program participants. World Choice Education ca...

Therapy Support Unit Malta

Agape Adventures brings this incredible program designed primarily for Social, Physical, or Psychological Care students between the ages of 20 to 35. They have the chance to be part of a committed team and savor only the best of Europe's therapy care in the island of Malta. Furthermore, they obtain firsthand knowledge on the various types of therapy which includes equine, sensory, and aqua ther...