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CISabroad offers affordable, fully-supported study and intern programs on 6 continents, 19 countries, 80+ locations. Study in your major in Australia, England, France, Italy, Scotland, Spain; work in China, Ireland, Ecuador, New Zealand; immerse yourself in the culture of Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Thailand, the Czech Republic, South Africa, or Ghana.

Academic Studies Abroad

The ASA team is a group of people who are well traveled, experienced in foreign education, always there to assist you and best of all, they are people who have studied abroad themselves. We know what it's like to move into a new home, in a new country, with a new language and it's this first-hand experience which makes us true professionals when it comes to studying abroad.

Low Cost Academic Programs with CSA !

CSA offers low cost quality programs worldwide. Since 1990, CSA has been offering students and adults, from all countries, the opportunity to participate in a variety of programs. Earn college credit. Easy registration process. Quick confirmation documents. Flexibility with program, housing, travel, and payment. Can even pay the balance upon arrival check-in if you prefer. Join us and disco...

Cambridge Scholars' Programme

The Cambridge Scholars' Programme is a three week long summer school founded by graduates of the University of Cambridge to provide ambitious high school students with a taste of a Cambridge education. Students develop their confidence, broaden their horizons, and become better prepared for college life. During the Cambridge Scholars' Programme, you would: - live and study in one of the bea...

SEA Semester

Welcome to SEA! If you are looking for an educational adventure in a study-abroad program, you won't find anything like us anywhere in the world. We take college students to the deep ocean on a traditional sailing vessel to learn about the sea. Is this for you? Only you can tell. Welcome Aboard!

Dream Careers

In today’s competitive global economy, international internship experience is a valuable addition to any portfolio. With Dream Careers, create your own internship success by taking advantage of our internship placement guarantee.

Bath Spa University

Bath Spa University is the UK's university of choice for creativity, culture and enterprise and will offer an experience that is distinctive, challenging and fulfilling. It is based in the South West of England, in England's only UNESCO World Heritage City. Leaving your own country to study in the UK is a big decision, but there is a friendly welcome and plenty of support at Bath Spa University.

University of Otago - Study Abroad

The University of Otago is located in Dunedin, New Zealand - Australasia's premier student city. Otago welcomes study abroad students from universities throughout the world, and enrols international students in degrees from Bachelors through to PhD. Live amongst the local university students, all within 15 minutes walk of campus and the Dunedin city centre. The two to six bedroom houses...

Study Music & Learn Italian in the Renaissance City

Istituto Europeo offers a wide range of music courses, including music history, opera, vocal technique, and a variety of instrumental courses. Music programs are tailored to each student's interests and can be taken up for as short as two weeks to as long as a year. All music department teachers are accomplished musicians active in many organizations in Florence, Italy. Istituto Europeo's music...