Study Abroad Programs in Middle East

124 Study Abroad Programs in Middle East

Study Abroad Programs with ISA

Get ready for this unique study abroad experience in the Middle East. This program, created by the International Studies Abroad, lets students experience a cultural immersion in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan where they can opt to focus on an Arabic Language course or pursue a variety of other English-taught courses. Participation is limited to American citizens only.

Academic Programs International (API)

Set in the bountiful countries of United Arab Emirates and Qatar in the Middle East, Academic Programs International brings individuals a study abroad program flourished with the comforts of home and the delicate taste of the exotic. Participants will have the opportunity to delve into the world of Islam and learn Arabic while studying in some of the most distinguished universities of Middle East.

University Studies Abroad Consortium

The University Studies Abroad Consortium, together with the University of Haifa, offers study abroad programs in the Middle East. The university has a pluralistic culture that provides an atmosphere of mutual respect and tolerance. Students get high quality academic courses, and avenues for cultural immersion and social activities.

New York University

Study arts and sciences in the Middle East with New York University. Students have the opportunity to go dune-bashing in the red sand dunes of Al-Ain, or climb to the top of the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, while studying in the heart of the United Arab Emirates.

Boston University Study Abroad in Tel Aviv and Haifa

Travel to the Middle East and study Engineering in Israel through Boston University Study Abroad international academic studies program. Students can experience the Israeli culture and lifestyle while making progress towards their respective degree. This program is open to American participants.

Experience the Gulf Arab World at the AUS!

Looking for a new experience? Study abroad at the American University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. We offer a diverse student body, co-educational and fully accredited programs, and English-language of instruction, all located only 15 minutes from historic downtown Sharjah and the exciting city of Dubai. A unique study abroad experience in the heart of the Gulf Arab world!

SIT Study Abroad

For more than 80 years, SIT Study Abroad has proven that they can provide quality educational programs for dedicated undergraduate students from across the globe in almost 50 countries. Programs in the Middle Eastern region of the world are set in Jordan, where participants may opt to learn Arabic, gain more knowledge on Health and Community Development, be educated on Human Rights, and even de...

Dragons Semester & Study Abroad Programs

Spend a semester or an entire academic year in the Middle East on a study program from Where There Be Dragons. The journey starts in southern Jordan, where participants can interact with the nomadic Bedouin population at the Wadi Rum Protected Nature Reserve. From Wadi Rum, the class moves west to the port city of Aqaba and then to the Sinai Peninsula for a short visit to St. Katherine's Monast...

Languages Abroad

In this international learning program in the Middle East region, students have the unique opportunity to take up courses on Arabic, Intensive Language, or Culture in Jordan. In addition to that, they may combine courses with a fun cultural exploration in order to get to know the Jordanian way of life and fully understand their culture. Programs are offered throughout the year.

Israel Summer Business Academy (ISBA)

The Israel Summer Business Academy (ISBA), is a once-in-a-lifetime, six-credit hour, educational experience for students interested in entrepreneurship and innovation. This unique opportunity, open to undergraduate students of all faiths and beliefs, allows you to study and immerse yourself in the Israeli business environment. You’ll learn about entrepreneurship, innovation, and non-profit c...


Study Abroad in Jordan or Oman with AMIDEAST programs. In Oman students focus on Area and Arabic Language Studies, while in Jordan three program options exist. Programs are open to American, Europeans, Australian, and Canadian participants only.

University of Haifa

The University of Haifa International School offers study programs in the Middle East. Students worldwide can participate in a semester or academic year study. The international academic study program offers courses in Political Science, Literature, and Liberal Arts.

London - Amman Summer Study Abroad

Peace and Conflict Resolution in London and the Middle East Academic Experience in London and Amman Spend your summer in London and Amman exploring the process of peace and the sensitive cultural and societal roots of conflict. Begin your learning journey in the U.K. and continue it in Jordan. You'll take two courses designed to expose you to the theory and practice of peace keeping, pea...

The American University in Dubai

Students that participate in The American University in Dubai (AUD) Semester five course program will develop an understanding of the Middle East through the study of culture, history, and language. Specific attention will be spent on Dubai, a contemporary city-state with economic progress and a wide scale of success which has engulfed the imagination of the world. Participants will live a...