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Study in one of the most beautiful places in Europe! While studying in Ireland, students will be amazed at the picturesque beauty of Ireland while taking part in top notch academic courses! Students travel around comfortably while enjoying CISabroad’s comprehensive study abroad package that relieves them of all the hassle of planning.

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The Emerald Isle has long been a popular destination for Americans, many of whom claim Irish descent, and its booming “Celtic Tiger” economy now draws visitors from around the world. Spend a summer, semester January Term or academic year studying abroad with AIFS in Dublin, Limerick or Maynooth and get to know this friendly island country.

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Students can study in Dublin, Ireland at Griffith College or NUI Maynooth through Academic Studies Abroad. Programs are available for summer, semester, or academic year. All programs include housing, tuition, excursions, medical insurance, and more.

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Choose between dance and music while journeying to Ireland for a semester or a year with Performing Arts Abroad. Participants will develop their performance skills as they are taught by a team of distinguished professors. Students learn more about the local way of life and culture by taking classes with local Irish students.

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Situated in the very heart of Dublin's city centre, Trinity brings together a unique combination of historic academic traditions, world-class education and urban integration in a bustling European capital.


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IES Abroad has been providing high quality customized programs to prospective students all over the world since the 1950s. Study in one of the prestigious universities and academic institutions in Dublin and take the opportunity to discover a new culture in Ireland. This program provides course options in a variety of different fields including Business, Humanities, and Engineering.

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In Ireland, students have the opportunity to study in Dublin, Galway or Limerick where they will have a comprehensive study abroad experience like no other. Participants will have access to all the resources of the academic institution such as the lounge, library and other facilities on campus which will aid in the students' academic as well as cultural learning.

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Travel to Ireland and live in Dublin with the help of the Boston University Study Abroad. Students will be immersed in the Irish culture and lifestyle. There is also an opportunity to participate in an internship while studying abroad in Ireland. Placements may be available in fields such as Architecture, Fine Arts, and Health Sciences.


API offers comprehensive programs in Cork, Dublin, Galway, and Limerick. Participants can study nearly any subject, such as business, social sciences, engineering, architecture, and film. All API programs include airport pickup, an on-site orientation with an English-speaking Resident Director, housing, tuition, medical and life insurance, excursions, social and cultural activities, and a tran...


The University Studies Abroad Consortium offers study programs in two key cities in Ireland. USAC only works with established educational institutions to ensure quality academic training for international students. They arrange all the preparations necessary to make the study abroad experience a success for the participants.


Uncover the Irish culture, language, religion, and society through the Center for Study Abroad language study abroad programs in Galway. Travel, live, and study in Ireland while learning about the fascinating story behind the success of this great nation. The program is open to individuals all over the world who are looking for unique and flexible programs that fit them best.


Live and study in the Emerald Isle! Ireland is said to be one of the friendliest countries and tends to welcome study abroad students with open arms. Students from all over the world can experience the Irish culture and society while specializing in their respective fields. Programs through SUNY College at Brockport are offered in Dublin.


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Participants from all over the world may enjoy the international academic studies program in Dublin with Knowledge Exchange Institute in Ireland. The program offers low cost and high quality customized placements at one of the distinguished universities in the Irish isle. This program offers accommodations such as housing, meals, medical and travel insurance, and other benefits.


Panrimo offers customized programs giving students choices, both in services and price. Students now have the option of where to go abroad, in what to study, and still have the opportunity to select the “extras” they may need abroad. This is the Panrimo Difference!

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Studying Abroad in Ireland

In Ireland, it’s often said that there are over 40 different shades of green. The countryside is lush with color and as Ireland is an island, beautiful coastline surrounds the entire country. Besides a gorgeous setting, the people in Ireland are really what make the country worthwhile. Considering it rains over 200 days out of the year, the people who live here have a fantastic sense of humor and always tend to see the bright side of things.


Geography & Demographics

Dublin is the Republic of Ireland’s capital and largest city. It is situated on the edge of the east coast and holds about a quarter of the county’s population. Once you head west, you enter into the cultural heart of Ireland, where the smaller cities like Galway thrive and most pubs you visit will have some type of traditional music session. Heading towards the southern end of the country is Cork, or “the Rebel Capital,” and second-largest city in Ireland. Here’s a place with a large university, lots of craft breweries, and many characters are housed.

Food & Culture

If you like meat and potatoes, the Irish cuisine will suit you very well. Most meals are similar to a “Sunday dinner” with some type of roast meat, potatoes, and a side vegetable. The food really is delicious and in Ireland there’s a heavy focus on local produce and sourcing food organically, which means food is of top quality. Grocery shopping is a pleasure here, where most people know their local butcher.

Centuries ago, Irish was the spoken language all throughout the country, but most people speak English today. All signs around the country are in both English and Irish, and a few Irish words are often included in conversation. 

Luckily, the lifestyle is quite similar to those of Americans, but a bit more laid back. People are typically a few minutes late, if a lecture is meant to begin at 1pm, it probably won’t start until 1:10 p.m. The Irish are famous for “Irish-time” and they do use a 24-hour clock so that will be confusing at first. This all means a more relaxed vibe, but also a more enjoyable one!

Things to Do

Going out and and enjoying a drink is a very popular social time in Ireland, especially for students but for professionals as well. The  drinking age on the island is 18-years-old, so from college-age on, students are allowed to drink. Pubs are at the center of social life and allow people to catch-up over a few pints. Typically on an evening out, people tend to go to their favorite pub with a few friends to chat or watch a match. The live music that usually fills them makes a fun and lively time. However, there are big European type clubs in the big cities.

Even though Ireland isn’t part of continental Europe, it still is a diverse country and allows many opportunities to visit all the other places to see in Europe. Dublin is a large airport hub so studying in Ireland makes it very easy to take weekend trips to Spain, Germany, France, Sweden, and anywhere else in Europe you’d like to go – making it the perfect country to study!

Studying in Ireland

With a population of just over 4.5 million, Ireland offers wonderful opportunities for studying abroad, especially since the main language is English. In addition to the language, other perks for studying abroad include smaller class sizes, rich history and cultural courses, and a large variety of course selection from engineering to marketing.

Top places to study in Ireland include Dublin, Cork, and Galway. Dublin offers a few different universities with a vast range of options to study, depending on the area of interest. The city of Dublin itself has many tourist attractions and with fantastic public transportation, it’s extremely easy to get around to other parts of the country by bus and train. 

The National University of Ireland Galway is located right in the city centre, which is the perfect place to study for general education requirements like history, English and culture. Galway itself is a busy college town, with a very young atmosphere. The town is full of artists, musicians and theatre. The city center is just a few main streets, but there is a strong sense of community and there are always events to attend.

The highlight to studying abroad in such a small country is definitely the people and friends to make along the way. Generally Irish people are extremely welcoming and hospitable, and international students are very well accepted to the community. Most clubs and societies in universities around Ireland love to have international students, and this is a great way to make Irish and European friends while abroad.

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