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Study in Budapest, at the Central European University (CEU). Low cost. Earn credit. Open to all students and adults worldwide. Courses in English available. Transcript issued by CEU. Cultural activities and excursions. Semester, Year, Quarter, Summer, and Monthly terms. Low cost housing options. Can pay in $U.S. dollars. Go direct with CSA !


Come study at Corvinus, one of the most prestigious universities in Hungary! Renowned specifically for its programs in Economics, Management, and Social Sciences, this program is perfect for those who are studying Business or Social Sciences and are looking for an affordable European experience. Students are bound to return with a newfound view of Eastern European countries as well as a gen...


Program Overview We’ll show you Budapest though the eyes of its people. Through a series of specially designed courses, you’ll develop insight into Hungary’s historic, political, economic, and social development in the wider comparative context within Europe. Homestays, internships, and cultural activities and excursions will bring this beautiful city and its local traditions to life. Study ab...


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Languages Abroad offers lessons from the comfort of a home in Budapest, Hungary. Participants will live with a private tutor and practice formal and conversational Hungarian, from chatting over breakfast to relaxing while watching TV. The private tutor can also double as a tour guide, helping you explore the city with at least one excursion per week included in the program.


Budapest Semesters in Mathematics Education (BSME) participants will immerse themselves in mathematical exploration to experience first-hand learning in the Hungarian approach; then they will investigate how to bring this pedagogy into their future classrooms. They will observe Hungarian mathematics classrooms and will plan and teach their own lessons to Hungarian students (in English). In the ...


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Sign up for the ultimate study abroad program around the world! (R)evolve gives you the chance to explore nine different countries (Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hungary, Morocco, Spain, Chile, Argentina, and Colombia!) without taking a break from your studies. It’s like a gap year, but without the “gap”. We will take you, along with other students, across the globe all while studying online at...


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The structure of this unique and flexible summer school enables you to choose several courses during your intended stay in Budapest. Courses are offered from Monday until Friday. Classes are offered either only in the morning or in the afternoon. Some courses take place both in the morning and in the afternoon. * Morning session classes: 9.00 - 11.30 * Afternoon session classes: 13.00 – 15....


Live like a local and explore the European door to the Orient with Youth for Understanding in Budapest, Hungary. Participants will live with a local family and experience what it's like to be a Hungarian teen. Make new friends and discover the city while attending the local school for a semester, summer, or full year. Regular, gap year, and special music programs are all offered.


Study for a semester or a whole year in Central European University through Bard College study abroad program. International participants can take pleasure in gaining deeper understanding of the Hungarian culture in Budapest while honing academic skills and knowledge. This program offers courses in Medieval Studies, Environmental Studies, and Sociology.

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Studying Abroad in Budapest

Divided by the majestic rivers Danube, Buda, Óbuda, and Pest, which joined forces back in 1873, the city has gone by the name of Budapest ever since (but when you hear locals talking about “Pest” they are referring to the whole city).” B-town” is just like Hungarian Goulash Soup - you never know what you'll find! A city of caves, hot springs, and contrasts will surprise you day by day! There are a number of ways to discover the area: on a free or guided walking tour, during a nice bike ride, on an amphibious bus, by boat, on a booze-cruise or even on a beer bike!

Food & Culture

Hungarian cuisine isn't really for the faint of heart, or for vegetarians, so be prepared to indulge! The most famous traditional Hungarian dish is Goulash Soup - every household prepares a different version from varieties with heavy cream or spicy paprika. Halászlé a.k.a. fisherman's soup is also popular, but there's more to the food than just soup: stuffed cabbage and peppers, lecsó (mixed vegetable stew), and lángos (fried bread dough), just to name a few!

When it comes to desserts, try madártej, made of milk custard with egg white dumplings floating on top, or túró rudi, which has a chocolate outside and sweet quark cheese inside. Hungarian soup culture has become so experimental that túró rudi has become drinkable too! For a culinary adventure visit a local favourite,  gastro bar Bors or the traditional indoor Grand Market in Budapest.

Things to Do

Trolley buses, chairlifts, HÉV (suburban railway), funiculars, cable cars, yes, Budapest has several unique means of transport. But what you’ll need to familiarize yourself with are the three metro lines, trams four and six, which runs all night. Don't worry, you'll soon get used to the odd stop names, such as Blaha Lujza tér, Margit híd, and Budai hídfő! However, when the weather is nice explore the city by bike or on foot - it's a great, walkable city. Depending on where you're staying you might need to work out how to get from A to B. Make sure to validate your ticket on board as controllers tend to pop up out of nowhere for random checks and heavy fines! 

Beginning in May, Budapest is all about open-air ruin pubs, once abandoned courtyards, and houses now turned into beer gardens, restaurants, or cafes. Many people have a fröccs, Hungarian white wine spritzer, to sip on at the ultimate summer hangout at Erzsébet square or drink by the stairs of the Basilica. Locals often go with the flow in Gozsdu court, made up of seven separate courtyards with virtually any venue your heart desires, or venture down Kazinczy street. Others eventually get into Szimpla Kert, a eccentrically styled pub, and meet up with hipster friends at Telep bar until the sun comes up. In Budapest, you can have a beer on Gellért Hill or the Liberty Bridge, party on Margaret Island on the weekend and unwind at Wndrlnd, a bar that is redecorated by a different artist every week.

Take the bus to Budakeszi if you’re interested in checking out a pool party or let loose at the Sziget festival in August on “Shipyard Island” with thousands of other young people from around the world. When it's time to chill out on Sunday, climb the stairs to a rooftop bar or relax on a pillow in the grass by the lake in the city park of Szaft. In the wintertime, locals love to heat it up at a Sparty, a heated public bath in Budapest. After the symbolic rebirth, you'll have the patience to line up in front of Andrássy Avenue's trendy places or Szent István Square's clubs. By the end of the night, you'll have met a lot of young night owls and have gotten lost in one of Instant's dancefloors in the theatre quarter.

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