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100 Study Abroad Programs in Beijing, China

Study in China with API

Live and study in Beijing, China with Academic Programs International (API). This study abroad program offers a wide variety of courses in areas such as Environmental Studies, Art History, and Criminal Justice. American and Canadian students can enroll in the semester or academic year programs.

Outstanding Academic Options in China w/ IES Abroad

Four international learning options are provided by IES Abroad to individuals all around the world who are eager to study in China. With summer and semester-long programs to choose from, participants have the chance to broaden their knowledge of their chosen subject areas while cultivating a deeper appreciation of Chinese traditions in one of the world's most heavily-populated cities, Beijing.

Budget Academic Programs in Beijing with CSA!

Center For Study Abroad offers high quality academic programs to students and adults worldwide. Have the chance to experience the Chinese culture in Shanghai, China for a whole academic year. Study Asian Studies and Chinese language and culture at the Shanghai International Studies University.

Syracuse University in China

Get educated in Beijing, China through Syracuse University study abroad program. American participants can choose from a wide variety of courses such as Economics, Computer Science, and International Business. This program also offers intensive Mandarin language courses, internship placements, and cultural immersion activities.

Go Abroad China Ltd.

Experience studying in the Chinese city of Beijing through programs offered by Go Abroad China Ltd. Students can choose to stay with a local host family. They will be attending well-reputed local campuses and will take part in excursions to cultural and historic landmarks.

China Internship Placements

China Internship Placements (CIP) offers Intensive Chinese Language Study programs in summer. The program presents, adventure, study, travel and so much more to spice up your summer. The programs feature immersion in a dynamic language learning environment. They also offer components that will prepare students for HS exams at no additional cost. CIP’s summer programs provide a great combina...

Asia Summer Abroad Program in Business (ASAP)

Experience the Chinese culture by joining the Asia Study Abroad Program in Business (ASAP) offered by Marist College in Beijing, China. Students interested in international business can earn invaluable experience through major company visits and local activities exploring Asia's cultural context and businesses. The spring program is open to undergraduates from around the world who are preferabl...

Knowledge Exchange Institute (KEI)

Knowledge Exchange Institute (KEI) provides this high quality study abroad program in the city of Beijing. American participants can choose from a wide array of semester or academic year courses. Available subject areas include International Business, Asian Studies, and Ecology.

The College at Brockport (SUNY)

Embark on a semester program in Beijing with SUNY College of Brockport. Students can choose to take their courses either in Chinese or English. They can take classes in the fields of Philosophy, Politics, Business, and more.

The Beijing Center for Chinese Studies

If you are seeking a TRUE immersion into China, The Beijing Center for Chinese Studies is your destination! Stand out from the crowd as we guide you along a 2 week excursion in the southern province of Yunnan or The Silk Road Trade Route in Western China. Call Beijing your new home as you and students from all over the world are housed on the University of Business and Economics campus, whe...

Mandarin Study and Cultural Immersion in Beijing

Our school could not be in a better location, it's within the Imperial Gardens in the Wen Hua Gong otherwise known as the cultural palace of Beijing, surrounded by the Forbidden City! This area is part of the imperial palace, and the tranquil yet imposing beauty of the Forbidden City makes it the ideal place to read a book or practice your Mandarin Chinese! This area is lined with trees, som...

Learning through Living Together -- LoPair Au Pair China

Are you looking for chances to make your gap year spectaculars? Get out of your comfort zone and travel far while you are young! Becoming an au pair in China with LoPair, receive food, board and stipend at your host family all while exchanging your knowledge of your culture and language. Providing up to 30 hours per week intercultural childcare, get free food and accommodation, internationa...

Minds Abroad

This program aims to give students an authentic insight into modern day China by living in Beijing where they will explore many sites of historic and cultural interest. In Beijing, students will undertake morning Chinese classes and afternoon volunteer service learning activities. In the evening, they will undertake cultural activities like Tai Chi and visit local sites of historic and cultural...

China Study Abroad

China Study Abroad provides a variety of study options for students of all ages. Our study programs are held in different Universities throughout China, as well as in small private schools. Class sizes are small from 4-20 people allowing for plenty of one-on-one time. Private tutoring is also a perfect way to reinforce what has been studied during the college course, or as a way to learn new wo...

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Studying Abroad in Beijing

Beijing is a sprawling city of 20 million residents, where skyscrapers are few and far between. Thus, Beijing continuously spreads out and its people need to be served by increasing numbers of metro train lines as well as six ring roads. However, foreign students coming to Beijing will typically find themselves in the Haidian District in the West of Beijing, which is home to most (but not all) of the capital's universities, which includes the two highest ranked in mainland China: Peking University and Tsinghua University.

Food & Culture

Beijing is the home of Mandarin, the Chinese language version officially spoken in China. It is the most authentic place to study Mandarin in China, compared to cities that have their own local dialects. As a city with such a long history, students will benefit from magnificent museums and galleries, historic palaces, and still-preserved old Beijing housing.  

As China’s national capital, Beijing is more expensive than cities in its provinces, but still with much lower costs compared to studying abroad in Western capitals. The Beijing metro system is an amazing value, costing just cents for a journey across the network. Public bus journeys are especially cheap when paid using a Beijing Transit Card. Thanks to the authorities, entrances to many major museums in Beijing are free.

Food on and around Beijing university campuses is inexpensive, and local students often eat perfectly acceptable street food. There are street markets, grocery stores, and famous markets where foreigners can haggle. Yes, there are high-end malls and top-quality restaurants in Beijing, too, but are usually a bit pricier than a typical student budget can afford.

Things to Do

Of course, the famous Great Wall of China from the Ming dynasty, is the most frequented site in the country. On the modern side there's the Olympic Park from 2008, a contemporary Central Business District, and the 798 Art District.

When studying abroad in China, you’ll want to see more than Beijing. Tianjin is the closest municipality and only 30 minutes away by hi-speed train — it makes for an interesting visit in just one day. Historic Xi'an and the Terracotta Warriors can be reached on an overnight sleeper train (this saves on hotel accommodation). Even Shanghai is only five hours away on the bullet train. More locally, the Beijing Rural Area (quite a contrast) is an hour to an hour and a half away by green 900 series public buses. It is always good to check if such opportunities are included in your program.

Studying in Beijing

There is plenty of choice and quality for international education in Beijing, though the overall experience varies according to location. Beijing Language and Culture University has 10,000 students at any one time of which around 6,000 are foreign (a truly international environment).

Capital Normal University is approaching 30,000, but only 1000 are international students (a more authentic Chinese experience in a local residential area). Programs for foreign students in Beijing can be found at most universities either directly or specially enhanced by third party study-abroad providers. In addition, U.S.-based universities often arrange their own faculty-led study abroad programs to Beijing in the summer or (less commonly) the winter sessions.

As the political and economic planning capital, international relations, and economic development are well supported programs and internships are readily available in Beijing too.

Studying abroad in Beijing is not the same as being a tourist in Beijing. The extra advantage is usually a longer time in an amazing world city, and the chance to take courses that encourage, and even require, deeper engagement with the community. The local providers will help facilitate this and give students an inside track. (For advice on engaging with locals, see Beijing's Top 10 Hidden Gems).

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