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During your semester in London, you won't just read Shakespeare in the classroom; you'll go see it performed live in the Globe Theatre. The city is your classroom! On Semester at University of Westminster, London, you can take classes for your major or as electives at an internationally recognized institution while exploring this lively, diverse city. You can also intern at one of the city's ma...


Earn 4 credits for the 3-week program or 8 credits for the 6-week program when you study with AIFS in London, England at the University College London (UCL). Live in local homestays with daily breakfast or shared residence (for and additional fee). Both options include a meal allowance. Enjoy cultural activities such as a guided city tour of London to see Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey...


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Recently named as the most entrepreneurial city in South Africa, Cape Town is the perfect place for a summer internship! With IES Internships, you are guaranteed an unpaid internship placement working up to 40 hours per week in a business or organization that suits your career goals. Build a global network of professional contacts and gain real-world experience all while exploring everything th...


Take part in the one-semester Grenoble Engineering Program, which is suited for second-semester sophomores in Engineering. The program does not require any prior language requirement. The Engineering courses are taught in the English language by French faculty members. Students will be based at Universite de Grenoble, an institution that dates back to the fourteenth century and boasts a dist...


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The Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University MRes Molecular Bioscience program provides a thorough understanding of key approaches for studying biological processes at the molecular level. The program takes advantage of the university's advanced English language capabilities, distinctive international features, and state-of-the-art research facilities. The program covers biotechnology related topics...


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Athena Study Abroad offers students the opportunity to study Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics courses in Scotland at the University of Aberdeen. The Old Aberdeen campus is the historic heart of the university and combines immaculately preserved buildings with modern facilities for learning, research, and recreation. The charming atmosphere is perfect for inspiring students whil...


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Study at the Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS). The program is affordable, and provides academic credit. It is open to all students and adults worldwide. A transcript can be issued by MUAS. German Language and Culture courses are available for all levels. Cultural activities and excursions are also provided, as well as low-cost housing options. Interested participants can choo...


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Come experience this international campus in one of Europes most exciting cities! Ideal for students who are focused heavily on academics and want to attend a distinguished, global university in a charming city, this program will offer students an incredible introduction into Irish culture and life. With access to a wide range of courses at a top ranked university as well as outstanding on...


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Spanish Studies Abroad Integrated Studies Program gives advanced Spanish-level students the unique opportunity to take classes alongside Spanish students at Universidad de Alicante, while benefiting from the cultural guidance, language tools, and academic quality that defines Spanish Studies programming. The program integrates thoughtful synthesis of homestays, study visits, language exchanges...


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The Gold Coast and Brisbane program is ideal if you want to live and study near some of Australia’s most beautiful beaches and rain forest and are looking for a wide range of courses in diverse disciplines. The program is located along the east coast of Australia which places you in the perfect location to head north, south, or west to explore the best of what Australia has to offer. At Griffit...


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Program Overview Because of its location on the Indian Ocean rim and just a few hours flight from major destinations in Asia, Perth is a vibrant multicultural city with an outward-looking persona. The Arts and Sciences study abroad program in Perth, Australia at the CIEE Study Center at Murdoch University reflects this and appeals strongly to students with an interest in cross-cultural studies,...


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Curriculum Highlights: Multi-country summer program in Europe: Earn up to 8 credits in the summer while studying in 9 amazing European cities. Students from the U.S. and other countries travel together (with the professors) taking classes, visiting universities, companies and international organizations. Open to all majors. U.S.-accredited university. Acquire a solid understanding of European...


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The University of Canterbury has modern and well-equipped facilities spread across a spacious suburban campus. The university has easy access to the center of the city and the cultural and recreational facilities it provides. Canterbury is a medium-sized university (about 13,000 students), which makes it easy for students to get to know each other. The university has an international reputation...


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The study abroad program at Queen Mary University of London is fully integrated, so international students will be living and studying alongside students from the United Kingdom and the many other countries from which the college attracts students, providing for a genuinely international academic and social experience. Queen Mary is based at the Mile End campus, a unique urban campus in London'...


Sign up for an affordable study abroad option this coming Fall semester on the beautiful campus of the University of Roehampton. University of Roehampton students can take classes from all departments, including Dance, Drama and Theatre Performance, Education, English and Creative Writing, Humanities, Life Sciences, Media, Culture and Language, Psychology, Social Sciences and the Business Schoo...

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Studying Biotechnology Abroad

Often something unimaginably tiny can have a huge effect on the world, as evidenced by advancements in the field of biotechnology, where a protein can turn into a life-saving drug or a nanomaterial can absorb sunlight to power the world more effectively. In the same way, a small action – the choice to study abroad – can have enormous effects on your life and career. As a relatively new field, there are still many biotechnology discoveries to be made, and the great minds working toward these discoveries are located all around the world. Studying biotechnology abroad can open your mind to all kinds of new things, from new foods and celebrations to new biotechnology breakthroughs.

Why Study Biotechnology Abroad

Discover new approaches to science, mingle with renowned scientists doing cutting edge research on the latest technologies, and explore new places and see the sights, all while working toward your degree in biotechnology.

The field of biotechnology is still small, though growing rapidly. As a result, biotechnology professionals must be excellent communicators, working in teams or with international firms for the common good of the world. Studying biotechnology abroad can improve a student’s communication skills by allowing them to step outside of their comfort zone and learn the subject from a new viewpoint.

Furthermore, biotechnology study abroad programs in some parts of the world will provide access to technology and coursework that is more advanced than what you may have access to at your home institution. Foreign universities with established biotechnology programs will have advanced laboratory settings, and typically significant research funding accessible to students and faculty.

Educationally, studying biotechnology abroad is a smart move, but it’s also a good decision for you personally. Biotechnology students are drawn to the subject because of its ability to help people, whether by improving crop yield in countries that might not have enough food for their population or creating pharmaceuticals that can treat dangerous diseases. That same desire to help people can lead you to study abroad, where you will meet people from all walks of life, dive into the traditions of another land, and help broaden your global perspective.


For biotechnology majors, the choice of study abroad location is often decided by what sub-field of biotechnology most appeals to them. For example, some areas of the world are focused on the agricultural side while others are pushing forward in biomedical applications.

For the most part, Asian countries dominate the world’s research in biotechnological fields. Japan is a global leader in nanotechnology advancements and biotechnology, especially pharmaceutical subsets, has a large and growing industrial presence. Japan and China have a healthy rivalry when it comes to biotechnology, with each one working toward making advancements for their own populations. This rivalry has fortunate benefits; universities in both nations have increased research grants in emerging biotechnology applications. India has a thriving biotechnology industry, as well-developed agricultural engineering has become a big part of the political movement to move more food into poorer regions of the nation.

England has made recent biotechnology headlines with attempts to eradicate mitochondrial genetic diseases, and has therefore become a first choice for many biotechnology students. Additionally, England is also home to the world’s foremost biorobotics laboratory. Germany is the growing European biotechnology magnate, however, as recent government grants toward both medical applications and climate change research have boosted the nation’s ongoing research projects.

Brazil has recently come onto the map of biotechnology due to a partnership between the government and biotechnology industry encouraging projects in healthcare and agriculture. Brazil has seen the fastest boom in interest in biotechnology, and many institutions are adding relevant courses and increasing research efforts.

Studying Biotechnology Abroad

Depending on when you decide to study biotechnology abroad, in terms of your academic career and your personal plan to stay on track for graduation, studying abroad can look very different. For many, studying abroad is done within the first two years of their degree program, so they can enroll in a foreign university and take introductory courses that nearly any program would offer, and fill in their schedule with desired electives or general education courses. The staple introductory courses of any biotechnology degree are usually in biology, microbiology, chemistry, and physics.

If you decide to study abroad after your general education courses are complete, you must be a little more particular about the study abroad program you decide on, as they must offer upper-level courses in biotechnology or related sciences. This can be more difficult, but is easily within reach with some planning and coordination, and will ultimately be rewarding.

Course selection for biotechnology study abroad can be daunting, but keep in mind that studying abroad can also grant you access to some classes you may not be able to take at home. Universities abroad offer classes in tissue engineering, nanotechnology labs, bioinformatics technical courses, or recombinant genetic procedures, just to name a few, which may not be possible at your home university. Students can also opt to get involved in specific research projects related to the field, offering the chance to truly expand hands on experience and an incomparable understanding of the field. Biotechnology study abroad programs are your chance to step out of the box and see what the educational world has to offer you.


  • Gain Valuable Skills. Many biotechnology firms have international offices or work with other institutions on specifically contracted projects, studying biotechnology abroad can help you navigate these waters of the professional world in the future. Due to language barriers, teaching style differences, and non-verbal communication shifts, studying biotechnology abroad can improve your communication skills by breaking down the methods in which you currently communicate, and challenging you to learn other ways.

  • Laboratory Exposure. Many biotechnology students utilize their study abroad program to get their feet wet in laboratory settings; biotechnology study abroad programs can be amazing opportunities to work with state-of-the-art equipment. Students can come back home with the ability to splice plant genes or multiply thousands of genetic sequences; lab experience abroad will no doubt benefit you in the long run.

  • Intro to the Field. Biotechnology is a broad subject that encompasses many subsets, including genetic engineering, nanotechnology, as well as emerging fields such as biorobotics or pharmacogenomics. Studying biotechnology abroad can lead you to new branches of the subject you’re interested in and help you discover applications of biotechnology you’ve never dreamed of.

For some, biotechnology is an area of passion, a subject where life itself can be altered or utilized toward scientific advancements; for many others, biotechnology is what allows people to have enough food on the table, families and friends to be vaccinated against dangerous diseases, and medicines available to improve their well-being. Becoming a biotechnology scientist means you’re already internationally minded, because your actions can affect those in even the most far reaching corners of the globe. Studying biotechnology abroad can show you, first-hand, how access to biotechnology can improve lives, including your own.

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