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Year-Long Volunteer Teacher in Ecuador

Overall Rating

10/ 10

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A year in Ecuador

I absolutely loved my experience as a WorldTeach volunteer in Ecuador. The Field Directors at the time I was there were very supportive and gave us a very thorough orientation. I loved the country, and in some respects I felt more at home there than I do in the U.S. The community I lived in was very warm and generous, and I felt I made many lifelong friends there. It was a transformative experience to live in a society that is so community-oriented, and I think of a quote from Jared Diamond's book when I think of my experience: "Being in.... is like seeing the world briefly in vivid colors, when by comparison the world elsewhere is gray.” The country is not without its health and safety concerns, and you definitely have to take precautions, but I felt that WorldTeach prepared us for how to deal with many of those problems, and the Field Directors were there for me when some minor problems arose. The country has seen some major transformations in the last few years, however, and my impression is that some of the health and safety concerns may be diminishing. The only area I felt I could have gotten more support for from WorldTeach was my allergies - I think WorldTeach needed to be more sympathetic to volunteers who have allergies and prepare us for what it would be like to have food allergies in Ecuador. Also giving an orientation to the host families about volunteers with allergies would have been helpful, especially since volunteers generally eat with the family. Their policies may have changed, however, since I was there a few years ago. I would wholeheartedly recommend the organization and living in Ecuador.