A volunteer holding a baby A volunteer holding a baby

Women Empowerment Volunteer Program in Morocco

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10/ 10

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Witnessing a different shade of Africa

Africa has always fascinated me with its grandeur and thrills. However, this time i was looking for a different kind of travel experience and it couldn’t have been more accurate. I chose to take up volunteer traveling in Morocco. Not only is Morocco entirely different from a typical African country image (wildlife, wildlife, wildlife) but also the chance to volunteer work gave me the opportunity to interact with the locals and understand their culture better. I have to say that a major credit in making my trip a success goes to Volunteering Solutions, who made sure i had an amazing and comfortable time in Morocco. I volunteered for the women empowerment project in Rabat where i got to meet women from compromised backgrounds and unfortunate circumstances. However, it was great to see them smiling every time i cracked a joke and sharing their life’s story without hesitation. I can’t thank Volunteering Solutions enough to provide me with this wonderful opportunity to help these women stand back on their feet and live a life with dignity. I would recommend everyone to experience this at least once.

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