A volunteer holding a baby A volunteer holding a baby

Volunteer Teaching Program in Uganda

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Teaching kids in Uganda

I joined teaching program in Uganda through Volunteering Solutions. Earlier I was bit concerned about Uganda as destination but then I had a desire to do something at a place where the need is the most. I had read about Entebbe which was related to Edi Amin and a plane hijack and nothing more I knew about Uganda. When I arrived at Entebbe International airport, coordinator with smiling face welcomed me and when we drove through the roads of Entebbe and Kampala I realized the extent of poverty. When we reached our program location in Mukono, I was taken to a volunteer house where family of the coordinator was also staying. My helpful coordinator Issac took me around the city to make me familiarize with the area and I found that despite of the poverty and lack of ultra modern amenities, people were helpful and hospitable. When I started my placement in a school, I was introduced to the local staff. Children in the school were pretty happy to see me as they probably knew they will get something to play and to do. Children were absolutely lovable and adorable. Many of them were from extreme poor backgrounds but they had a great instinct and aptitude to learn new things. I had taken with me paint books, crayons, maps and basic English books for them and the happiness was clearly visible on their faces when they got it. It is indeed a rewarding and eye-opening experience for me during my stay.

On a weekend Issac took me to Jinja, source of Nile and the trip was amazing. Next day I visited Entebbe zoo to get the glimpses of the wildlife in Uganda. Due to time constraint I could not go for a safari, but next time I will surely do it.

Our coordinator was cheerful, always smiling and helpful. He answered my all questions without any hesitation (and I asked him too many questions). Accommodation was very nice, in a peaceful locality and absolutely safe. Meals provided in the house were excellent and I got to know about daily life and culture of Ugandan people. I will definitely go again to Uganda and I will certainly recommend the program to others.

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