A volunteer holding a baby A volunteer holding a baby

Volunteer Orphanage Program, Beijing - China

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9/ 10

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A trip to China which was not just for the Great Wall

I had never imagined that i would be traveling to a country like China, known for its architectural heritage and glorified history to do something totally off the regular check list. I was in the capital, Beijing, for almost a month to volunteer at a local orphanage through Volunteering Solutions. I was a little hesitant before starting my trip, but once it got going i realized how much i’ve been missing in all my earlier trips abroad. Volunteering abroad is the way to travel. I got to meet so many wonderful people, kids, and send a really amazing one month in the town. What acted as an icing on the top was the affordability of the entire trip. It was way too less than what i usually end up spending on my travels abroad. A big credit to Volunteering Solutions who, very professionally, managed everything for me (and other volunteers as well). The living arrangements were very much comfortable and homely. Our local coordinator was also really helpful and was there to guide us whenever or wherever we use to get stuck. And it’s not that i didn’t visited the Great iconic wall of China. So, ultimately, i enjoyed both parts of my travel and well within my time that i had dedicated for traveling. I’m making sure that all my future trips will be volunteer trips, and would recommend the same to all the travelers. And i highly recommend Volunteering Solutions’ services. I think they are the best in this industry.

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