A volunteer holding a baby A volunteer holding a baby

Volunteer Medical & Healthcare Program in Ghana

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9/ 10

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A learning curve in my medical career

I have been planning to volunteer abroad from a while now and with the start of 2016 i finally planned my trip. The reason behind choosing Volunteering Solutions out of many other placement agencies was that there programs were highly affordable and matched to my requirements. Plus, the response that i received from them was quite swift and clear; it reflected sheer experience and professionalism. I volunteered at a local clinic in Tamale, Ghana for 3 weeks under the Medical program, and it left me with some really amazing experiences. I had few other fellow medical students from different countries which was again a great aspect about the trip. My placement was quite comfortable and the food was nice. What really helped was the locally appointed coordinator who guided us throughout the program and his advises helped make the trip better. Overall, it was a very unique and informational experience which i believe will be helping me grow not only professionally but also as a person.

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