A volunteer holding a baby A volunteer holding a baby

Volunteer Childcare Program in Palampur | Dharamsala

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10/ 10

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My volunteering journey in Dharamsala, India

The volunteer program in Dharamsala was a great experience overall. I made really great friends and had the opportunity to understand the traditional Indian lifestyle from up close. The stay was very comfortable and safe. Our coordinator was very supportive and friendly, and helped us throughout the project. The children were simply amazing. There was so much enthusiasm in them in such a young age. One kid, i remember, told me he wanted to become a pilot so that he could travel the world. It was a lovely experience spending time with those kids. Also, I loved the trek to Bir-Biling, which was around a 7kms adventurous trek. The best part was the return journey, as i didn’t walked my way down but flew. It is a spot for Paragliding, and it was an amazing experience. I have to say that Volunteering Solutions managed everything like a thorough professional and helped me enjoy every minute of my travel time in India. I would certainly recommend it to all my friends.

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