A volunteer holding a baby A volunteer holding a baby

Volunteer Childcare - Orphanage Program Morocco

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10/ 10

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Unmatched experience of working for children at orphanage in Morocco

Volunteering with children in Morocco has truly been an enriching and fulfilling experience for me. Volunteering Solutions was supportive from the moment I decided to participate in a programme with them. Ali, our programme director in Rabat has been there to ensure our experience is unforgettable. He met us at the airport, advising us on how to keep ourselves safe, recommended some places to visit that match our interests. Working with kids not only develop your personality, but it also inspire you for future. The children enjoyed listening and getting involved with the story books which we brought with us, played bingo, danced with them. These kids remind us that it takes very little to be happy and just a hug to spread it all around. All they want is care and love.

Volunteering in Morocco has changed my perspectives of life and I am feeling so complete after meeting those innocent faces. It also gave me the opportunity to meet with other volunteers and learn about their home countries. Living with a Moroccan family was one of the highlights of the programme.
Overall, participating on a programme with Volunteering Solutions has been unforgettable.

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