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Internship Programs in Palampur - India

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A journey of learning while interning in India with Volunteering Solutions

While i was looking to intern abroad for my medical studies i came across Volunteering Solutions’ offer of medical internship in India. It took me less than a minute to decide that this is what i wanted to do; i wanted to pursue my medical internship in India. Since, i had heard a lot about India as a country and its diverse culture, it was always on my bucket list, and there couldn’t be a better opportunity to travel to India. It was a great experience altogether. I was provided placement in a small valley named Palampur, which was rich in natural beauty. I was working at a local hospital in the town and got to witness the healthcare system of rural India. I got to learn a lot from the local doctors and other medical staff members. They all were highly supportive and helped me understand even the smallest of operations done on daily basis. A huge credit to Volunteering Solutions for making this trip a memorable one. The in-country coordinator was always there to guide and help, the accommodation was great, the food was amazing. All in all it was not just an educational trip but something that i will remember for a lifetime.

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