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About Volunteering Solutions

Year Founded: 2006

Volunteering Solutions was conceptualized in 2006 and started sending it's first volunteers abroad in early 2007. It now has Volunteer, Internships and Summer programs in over 20 countries across Asia, Latin America and Africa. The aim behind setting up this organization was to provide highly affordable, quality and safe programs to the participants. All programs are throughly researched to make sure the volunteers have an amazing experience with Volunteering Solutions. You can also read Volunteering Solutions Reviews and find out that the organisation has highly rated programs on offer. From sending just under 300 volunteers in 2007, Volunteering Solutions now sends over 1500 participants each year to its highly rated programs abroad. Till date VolSol has sent over 10500 volunteers abroad to various programs worldwide.

Discover Programs

ChildCare and Orphanage Programs in Cape Town | South Africa

South Africa : Cape Town (Kaapstad)

Volunteers working in the child care programs work with well established centers and orphanages in suburban regions of Cape Town.The children’s ages range from 18 months...

Summer Volunteer 2016 Palampur/Delhi in India

India : Delhi, Palampur

Summer 2016 Palampur/Dharamsala in India Volunteer Program Schedule Duration : 3 weeks Working hrs : 5-6hrs, 5days (Monday to Friday) Weekends: Travel / Sightseeing...

Volunteer at an Orphanage in Delhi, India

India : Delhi

Our volunteer working in an orphanage would help the children with their day to day activities which includes: doing homework, making notes, playing with children, helping...

Internship in Thailand with Volunteering Solutions

Thailand : Chiang Mai

Volunteering Solutions covers 2 major areas under the internship programs in Thailand: 1. Journalism 2. Healthcare Both the programs are offered in the location - Chiang...

Internship in Nepal with Volunteering Solutions

Nepal : Kathmandu

Nepal, after the recent earthquakes is developing at a fast pace. But, it still needs a lot of external support in various areas. One of which is Medical facilities, in terms...

Amazing Summer Volunteer Program in Surin - Thailand

Thailand : Bangkok, Koh Phangan

Volunteering Solutions offers an exciting opportunity for volunteers to help recent flood victims and enjoy weekend excursions in Bangkok city. The floods of late 2011 left...

Volunteer in Childcare Program - Children's Hospital Ecuador

Ecuador : Quito

Volunteering Solutions Childcare program takes place in Children's hospitals in Quito - Ecuador. It is a public hospital, specially for children of age group 0 to 15 years....

Volunteer Teaching Program in Ghana Volunteering Solutions

Ghana : Kumasi, Tamale

Volunteers in the teaching program in Ghana assist with the teaching of different subjects in local elementary and high schools. Volunteers are placed in urban and rural

Summer 2016 Volunteer Program - Kathmandu Nepal

Nepal : Kathmandu

Join our summer volunteer program in Nepal and immerse yourself in the cultural journey in the heart of Nepal in the capital city of Kathmandu. The journey will start in...

Volunteer Teaching English Program | Nepal

Nepal : Kathmandu

Under volunteering teaching program our volunteers teach English at local Nepali public or private schools which are short of staff and are in need of regular volunteers....

2 Weeks Special Volunteer Programs - Palampur, 2015

India : Dharamsala

Volunteering Solutions provides an exciting opportunity to join our 2 weeks special volunteer program in the Himalayas with weekend trips included in the program fees. This...

Orphanage Volunteer Programs in Bangkok Thailand

Thailand : Bangkok

Volunteers will work in an orphanage assisting children with various activities including games, sports, teaching, hygiene & education. You will also assist the local staff...

Volunteer at Orphanage under Childcare Program in Costa Rica

Costa Rica : San Jose

Under this program, our volunteers work in different childcare centers, orphanage and community centers which supports homeless children and also provide them with love and...

Volunteer Work with Orphans at an Orphanage in Tanzania

Tanzania : Arusha

Volunteer at an Orphanage in Tanzania - Volunteers in the orphanage program work in different orphanages and street children projects in and around the region of Moshi. Due...

Volunteer in Kenya| Medical Projects| @USD270

Kenya : Nairobi

Under this program, we provide program placement in medical clinics, dispensaries and hospitals in and around the city of Nairobi. Our volunteers will work with people from...

Volunteer Teaching English in Thailand to Monks in Chiang Mai!

Thailand : Chiang Mai

This program includes teaching novice Buddhist Monks of the age group 12 to 18 years in the city of Chiang Mail, Thailand. Major subject that is taught by the volunteers

Teaching, Community Development, Elephant Park in Thailand

Thailand : Bangkok, Chiang Mai

Work in Bangkok and Chiang Mai in Thailand, helping people and children in need. Choose from a variety of projects from Volunteering at Orphanage, Teaching English, Eco Tourism,...

Medical Volunteering Program Delhi, India

India : Delhi

This program can be of a tremendous value for the Volunteers/Interns working in the field of healthcare. Under this program, we provide placement in hospitals in the heart...

Volunteer Work with Street Children in India

India : New Delhi

Under this program our volunteers work at the various contact points or shelter homes, being run by various organizations, which serve as day care centers for these street...

Volunteer in Nepal - Lowest fee Starting USD200 Only!

Nepal : Kathmandu

Nepal is the Himalayan Kingdom known as the land of the Mount Everest and the birthplace of Lord Buddha. Located on the southern slopes of the Himalayan Mountains, it is...

Gap Year Volunteering in South Africa Starting at £347

South Africa : Cape Town (Kaapstad), Port Elizabeth

Volunteering Solutions provide placements in two of the most magnificent cities in South Africa; Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. Volunteers traveling to South Africa has an...

Gap Year Volunteering in Nepal Starting at £140

Nepal : Kathmandu

Welcome to the home to worlds highest mountain peak, Mt. Everest; Nepal. Volunteering Solutions provide immense opportunities to volunteer in Nepal. Apart from the normal...

Gap Year Volunteering in Thailand Starting at £438

Thailand : Bangkok, Chiang Mai and 3 other cities , Chiang Rai, Koh Samui, Surin Show less

Welcome to one of the most visited destinations in world (according to the several trend reports); Thailand. The country witness a heavy footfall of tourists from all over...

Gap Year Volunteering in India Starting at £175

India : Delhi, Dharamsala and 3 other cities , Himachal Pradesh, New Delhi, Palampur Show less

The mystical land of India is known for its diverse cultural nuances and traditions. Taking a gap year to India only makes the travel experience a gigantic one. Volunteering...

Internship in Peru with Volunteering Solutions

Peru : Cusco

Volunteering Solutions offer Dental Elective Internship in Cusco, Peru. It is a great opportunity to work directly with medical professionals and gain valuable experience...

Internship Programs in Palampur - India

India : Palampur

Volunteering Solutions provides Internship opportunities throughout the year in over 4 countries worldwide. We provide best value for money and most professionally delivered...

Volunteer Teaching Program in Uganda

Uganda : Mukono

Volunteers who are interested in teaching are placed at schools in desired areas. Here, they are required to assist the existing teachers with their teaching subjects and...

Medical Volunteering in Uganda

Uganda : Mukono

Get the in depth hands on experience as a Medical Intern or a Medical volunteer. Healthcare center has over 140 beds and the inters/volunteers gets the opportunities in Radiology,...

Volunteer Construction and Community Development - Uganda

Uganda : Mukono

Volunteers who volunteer under the community development program in Mukono, Uganda have various different tasks to perform. It depends on what project you undertake and you...

Volunteer in Childcare Center, Kampala - Uganda

Uganda : Kampala

Volunteering for children in the childcare centers is a totally amazing experience in Uganda.You volunteer at the childcare centers which provides food, shelter, education,...

Volunteer in Uganda with Volunteering Solutions

Uganda : Kampala, Mukono

East African country - Uganda, is bordered with Kenya on one side and Tanzania on the other side. Both Kenya and Tanzania have been quite a popular destinations for Volunteering...

Women Empowerment Volunteer Program in Morocco

Morocco : Rabat

Under this program, volunteers would work with local NGO's working towards the up liftment of local women in Morocco. Volunteers teach these girls, provide them computer

Volunteer Teaching Program Morocco

Morocco : Rabat

Volunteer to teach disadvantaged children in Morocco. Morocco has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world and does not have the necessary resources or manpower to effectively...

Volunteer in Morocco with Volunteering Solutions

Morocco : Rabat

Volunteering Solutions provides volunteering opportunity in Rabat, the capital and most visited city of Morocco. We offer different volunteering opportunities such volunteering...

Volunteer Childcare - Orphanage Program Morocco

Morocco : Rabat

Make a difference by volunteering in orphanages that help disadvantaged children and run kindergartens in the cities of Rabat and Sale, in Morocco. These children living

Volunteer Abroad in Singapore with Volunteering Solutions

Singapore : Singapore City

Volunteer in Singapore Volunteering Solutions offers a unique opportunity to volunteer in Singapore, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. Despite...

Volunteer Abroad in Spain with Volunteering Solutions

Spain : Valencia

Volunteer in Spain with Volunteering Solutions Volunteer in Spain and experience a once in a lifetime, fun and challenging experience where you can get immersed in the Mediterranean...

Volunteer Street Children in Ecuador

Ecuador : Quito

Street Children centers are managed by nuns who try to do something for all the children coming from poor families or families with domestic problems often connected to abuse,...

Volunteer Teaching Program in Ecuador with Volunteering Solutions

Ecuador : Quito

Under Teaching program in Ecuador, Volunteers work along side teachers in the schools and teach English, Mathematics, Sports, History, General Knowledge etc. If you only

Volunteer with Disabled Children in Cusco Peru

Peru : Cusco

Under this program our volunteers work in a public school for children with Down syndrome. We place our volunteers in an urban area of Cusco. The school helps children with...

Volunteer Teaching English Program in Peru

Peru : Cusco

Volunteers in this program teach English to local Peruvian students in English schools. The schools are in need of English speaking volunteers on a regular basis as Spanish...

Volunteer Street Children Program in Peru

Peru : Cusco

Volunteers in this program work for 4-5 hrs in a day for 5 days in a week. Our volunteers provides support to poor children. Volunteers spend time with these children and...

Volunteer Work in Kindergarten in Peru

Peru : Cusco

The main role of our volunteers in this program is to help the children and play the role of entertainers or promoters to check home works, check tests, distribute meals

Volunteer in Healthcare Program in Vietnam

Vietnam : Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Volunteers in this program will do volunteer work in local community hospitals & clinics assisting doctors and nurses in taking care of patients. Usually these health centers...

Volunteer Medical/Healthcare Program in Ghana

Ghana : Kumasi, Tamale

Under our healthcare program volunteers work along side doctors, nurses and local staff in hospitals and community clinics in different locations across Ghana. Volunteer

Volunteer Teaching Program in Tanzania

Tanzania : Arusha

Volunteers in the Teaching program work in primary and secondary schools in and around the region of Arusha. The schools are short of well trained staff and need the assistance...

Volunteer Healthcare Program in Tanzania

Tanzania : Arusha

Our volunteers in the Healthcare program work in medical clinics, dispensaries and hospitals in and around the city of Arusha. Volunteer tasks vary and depend on the level...

Language & Orientation Week in Kathmandu - Nepal

Nepal : Kathmandu

Volunteering Solutions provides it's volunteers with a great opportunity to learn the culture, history and language of Nepal. Volunteers can join our program from any 01st...

Volunteer at an Orphanage in Nepal | @ 200 USD

Nepal : Kathmandu

Under this program our volunteers work in the Orphanage centers in Nepal will render invaluable help by giving love and affection to the children, act as an older sibling...

Volunteer Sports Development Program |CapeTown, South Africa

South Africa : Cape Town (Kaapstad)

Volunteers under Sports Development Program in Cape town are placed in local public/government schools. And this program specifically works in conjugation with the school...

Volunteer Childcare Program in Palampur | Dharamsala

India : Dharamsala

Volunteers under childcare program work in local day care centers or Anganwadis, as they are called in India. This program placement is located in and around Palampur. Since...

Dental Elective Volunteer Program in India

India : Dharamsala, Palampur

Volunteering Solutions provides dental elective placements in the beautiful Himalayan Valley region in Palampur/Dharamsala. Interns are placed in dental clinics and work

Language & Orientation Week - Delhi

India : Delhi

Volunteering Solutions provides an opportunity to its volunteers to learn the culture, history and language of the diverse country called India. Orientation week is aimed...

2 Weeks Special Volunteer Programs | Delhi 2015

India : Delhi

Volunteering Solutions provides an exciting opportunity of 2 weeks volunteer trip along with weekend excursions trips included in program fees. Our 2 weeks special program...

Disabled Children Volunteer Program, Beijing - China

China : Beijing, Shanghai

Volunteers working in this program make a difference in the lives of children who suffering from mental disabilities. Volunteers work in a charity for Mentally challenged...

Volunteer in School for Poor Children, Beijing - China

China : Beijing, Shanghai

We provide program placement at a primary school for children from poor immigrant families working in Beijing. The school has limited resources and depends a lot on volunteers...

Volunteer Orphanage Program, Beijing - China

China : Beijing, Shanghai

Volunteers in this program are needed to provide care and love for the disadvantaged children. Volunteers help is needed to make the children's lives at the orphanage more...

Group Volunteer Programs Abroad | USD200/person

-Multi-Country Locations : Cambodia, Costa Rica and 9 other locations , Ecuador, Ghana, India, Kenya, Morocco, Nepal, Peru, Thailand, Vietnam Show less

Volunteering Solutions offers exciting group volunteer programs opportunities abroad for college and university students, youth groups, friends and families who would like...

Medical Nursing Internship Program - Palampur, India

India : Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh and 1 other city , Palampur Show less

Volunteers joining the Healthcare program in Palampur can choose to work in different fields depending on their area of interest and specialization. We provide program placement...

Medical Volunteer and Intern Program in Chiang Mai - Thailand

Thailand : Chiang Mai

A medical internship opportunity at a historic, Thai-colonial hospital located within the tropical city of beautiful Chiang Mai, Thailand. Thailand has become a medical...

Volunteer Women Empowerment Program | Delhi-India

India : New Delhi

Volunteers working in the Women Empowerment program work along with women from poor areas with no education or pretty less education. The placement is located within the

Volunteer in Medical Healthcare in Peru

Peru : Cusco

Under this program our volunteers work in local health clinics for low income families are at a clinic for mentally and physically disabled children. Volunteers help in different...

Volunteer For Children at Day Care Center in Peru

Peru : Cusco

As a volunteer in this program you will be involved in the day to day care of the children and be involved with playing with the children, running many types of craft activities,...

Affordable Volunteer Abroad Programs | Starting USD200 only!

-Multi-Country Locations : Cambodia, China and 15 other locations , Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ghana, Honduras, India, Kenya, Nepal, Peru, Philippines, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, Vietnam Show less

Volunteering Solutions provides volunteering opportunities in 20 different countries across Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin/Central America. Our main aim is to provide affordable...

Volunteer in Peru - Programs in Cusco Starting USD290

Peru : Cusco, Rural Areas

Our Volunteer Projects in Peru are located in the capital city of Lima, Fascinating City of Cusco, the 'White City' Arequipa, Trujillo, Huancayo and Puno. Peru is situated...

Volunteer Orphanage Program in Cambodia | Phnom Penh

Cambodia : Phnom Penh

Volunteering Solutions provides volunteer orphanage program placement in Phnom Penh. Our volunteers work in Orphanages and centers for children from poor slums of the city....

Volunteer Work at an Orphanage | Ghana

Ghana : Kumasi, Rural Areas and 1 other city , Tamale Show less

Volunteering with children in an orphanage is the most rewarding experience for volunteers. Volunteers work alongside the existing staff to care for the children in orphanages....

Volunteer Work at an Orphanage | Kenya | 2016

Kenya : Nairobi

Working hands on with children is the most rewarding experience for volunteers and this is one of our most popular program option in Kenya. Under this program, our volunteers...

Volunteer Teaching English in Kenya | Nairobi

Kenya : Nairobi

Volunteers under this program in Kenya assist with the teaching of different subjects in Kenyan elementary and high schools. Volunteers also work in community schools and...

Volunteer Teaching English to Children | Vietnam

Vietnam : Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Volunteers work in schools and community centers to teach English to Vietnamese students. Volunteers teach primary and middle school students and help them in improving their...

Volunteer Work at an Elephant Camp in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka : Colombo Central

Volunteers working in this program will work in an Elephant Camp in Sri Lanka where elephants are kept and treated for any ailments, feeding and taking good care of them....

Volunteer Work in Orphanage in Vietnam - Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam : Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Vietnam is getting popular everyday by visitors and volunteers. We have our programs located in Saigon. We have many volunteer programs in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). We

Volunteer Teaching English Program, Phnom Penh - Cambodia

Cambodia : Phenom Penh, Phnom Penh

Volunteering Solutions provides an extremely rewarding and challenging experience for the volunteers in Cambodia. Our volunteers work in schools and English language training...

Volunteer Teaching Program in Palampur, Dharamshala | India

India : Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh and 1 other city , Palampur Show less

We provide placement in government primary and public schools located around the areas in Palampur to teach children. Volunteers mainly teach children aged between 6-13 years....

Volunteering in India | Starts at as low as $250

India : Dharamsala, New Delhi and 1 other city , Palampur Show less

India is a fascinating country filled with mystery, beauty, spirituality and adventure. The unique culture and natural wonders of the country mesmerize tourists who quickly...

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