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Santo Nino Nutrition Project

I worked on the Santo Nino Nutrition Project for seven weeks during the summer of 2013. Monday through Friday we had daily supplemental feedings for the children participating in the program in this village. My partners and I also held nutrition education classes for the Boys and Girls Clubs at the VFV Center, gave a lecture at a local high school, and administered health and sanitation lessons to the mothers of the children in the feeding program. At the end of my stay we implemented a small community garden in which we planted peppers, eggplant, tomatoes etc. in recycled water jugs for the families in Santo Nino.

I would highly recommend VFV to anybody- it has been the highlight of my life so far. The smiles of the locals are contagious and there are happy vibes everywhere you go; I never once felt in danger. During my time in Tacloban there were many other volunteers and we would all spend time together on the weekends and when we weren't at our placements during the week. These people are truly appreciative and seeing there positive mindset is absolutely life-changing!