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Nicaraguan Internships in Development and Social Justice

Overall Rating

9/ 10

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Clinic internship with VivaNicaragua

My experience in Nicaragua was nothing short of extraordinary. It was extremely tough and pushed me to the limits, but it also was quite rewarding. My time in the local health clinics not only helped me practice my spanish, but also refine my teaching and clinical assessment skills. The people in the local clinics were welcoming and I enjoyed working on a daily basis with the staff. It was also fascinating to learn about the culture, the country's struggles, and how I could contribute and better understand the complexities of the issues.

On a programatic front, I appreciated the Viva Nicaragua crew. You become very close with the other interns, who range in age (during my group) from college to graduate school. There is a great amount of flexibility in the program in terms of social life, which is a good and bad thing. If you like being in control of your activities, it's fantastic. If you need consistent social stimulation, however, you need to seek it out because it is not always available for you. It is similar to having a working life in a foreign country, which can be difficult. I found that the program could have integrated more group activities, but the director (Carrie) was consistently open to doing new things and finding ways for us to interact, which was amazing. Carrie and the rest of the VivaNicaragua crew are a real blessing and it was a pleasure working with them in multiple capacities.