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Ecotourism & Community development internship in Vietnam

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10/ 10

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Fantastic experience in Mai Chau

My trip to Mai Chau was my first time in Vietnam and also my first volunteering experience which turned into a memorable adventure. Everything was taken care of by David at Vina Volunteers who made sure I had my visa, transportation and accommodation taken care of as well as making sure someone met me to take me to my hotel in Hanoi upon arrival in Vietnam. David also made sure I had plenty of information regarding Vietnamese culture and general advice on visiting Vietnam.
I stayed with Xuan during my Ecotourism and Community Development program after spending a few days sightseeing in Hanoi and was pleased to be welcomed into her clean, comfortable home in the beautiful green village of Ban Luc. I spent several days with David and Xuan on treks to remote areas outside of Mai Chau where we met and ate with Thai and Hmong people in their villages before returning back to Mai Chau to work on writing content for my project. I particularly enjoyed taking part in the daily routine where I got the chance to eat meals with Xuan, take time out with the locals after lunch and explore the local areas on foot in the afternoon.
For anyone wishing to truly experience Vietnam and participate in living like a local, I would absolutely recommend choosing this homestay project. The families are welcoming and will quickly introduce you to their way of living which will provide you with a true insight into Vietnamese people and their customs.