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Nurse as Healthcare Counsellor at International Ski Camp

Overall Rating

9/ 10

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Winter you'll never forget

A season with Viamonde is a season you'll remember for a long time. If camp nursing is fun and enjoyable, try camp nursing while skiing the Swiss alps. The only lower rating I gave was on professional development. Which as this is seasonal work it does not look particularly good on a resume in terms of work continuity, unless you are working as a travel nurse (which travel nursing in a different culture, with kids of vastly different cultures every week would be a huge plus). A typical day is basically exactly like it is described on the website, with typical camp living, and general sports injuries as you see them in a winter ski environment (SOS/Ski Patrol type injuries). Most children who come are healthy individuals so medical issues are more akin to "my tummy hurts" from eating too much good swiss chocolate, and swiss cheese, which I get too. I can't really call it a job since it's so enjoyable, but if I can give anyone advice before they start, perfect your snowball making skills, and snowball dodging skills for a season of great memories.