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Belgium: Brussels


As the centre of the European Community, Brussels is the ideal place for students of varying interests and major areas of study to enrich their undergraduate experience. Located in the heart of Brussels, Vesalius College provides an ideal venue for students to get the most out of a European Study Abroad opportunity.

Founded by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Boston University in 1987, Vesalius College offers Bachelor and Master programmes fully taught in English. Based in Brussels, the College is characterised by small, interactive classes, flexibility in course selection and continuous assessment. With an international student body of approximately 300 students (50+ nationalities) and a low student-teacher ratio, the faculty is accessible and able to take a personal interest in the success of students to help them achieve their potential. The College takes full advantage of its location in the Capital of Europe, frequently holding guest lectures with high-level experts, such as ministers, EU policy makers and renowned scholars.

The College offers 3-year Bachelor programmes in Business, Communications and International Affairs, as well as a 1-year Master of Science in European Union Policy. In addition, it offers two certificate programmes: the Undergraduate Certificate in European Peace and Security Studies, and the Advanced Certificate in Global Risk Analysis & Crisis Management .

Vesalius also offers a graded, for-credit internship program allowing students to work with some of the most high-profile organizations in Brussels. Internship partners include the European Parliament, Ernst & Young, the United Nations, NATO, the European Journalism Center and many, many more.

All courses at Vesalius College are taught in the English Language.

Degree Recognition and Accreditation:

Vesalius College is registered with the Flemish government of Belgium as an institution of higher education. The Vesalius College Bachelor's degree is equivalent to a fully recognized Bachelor's degree issued from a Flemish University.

Vesalius College is a participant in the Bologna Process, the reform effort designed to standardize higher education throughout Europe. In accordance with the Bologna declaration, Vesalius College offers the three-year European Bachelors degree and calculates coursework in ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits.

The 3 majors of Vesalius College are accredited by the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization (NVAO, Nederlands-Vlaamse Accreditatie Organisatie). This official organization was established by international treaty between the Flemish and the Dutch governments with the aim of ensuring the quality of higher education in both the Netherlands and Flanders.


Historic Brussels offers many exciting activities during the summer months. Discover the cafe life in the breathtaking Grand Place and the many pubs, discos, and restaurants all over town. Outdoor music festivals from rock to jazz to classical are on all summer. Museums for all interests welcome you. Sandy beaches, quaint villages, green forests can be discovered over extensive cycling & walking trails. Brussels, the "Heart of Europe" is within two hours of Paris, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, Milan and Rome.

10 Overall Experience

Study and Intern in a phenomenal country

I studied abroad in Spring 2013 at Vesalius. The city is beautiful and is safer than many other places in Europe. You have opportunities to take field trips to the parliament, grab a beer with politicians and intern all while studying. For me, this was the experience of a lifetime. The locals were very pleasant and enjoyed to talk to those of us not from Belgium. Communication was fairly easy enough as many people spoke limited english.

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