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Volunteer in Costa Rica in Community Education

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I chose to volunteer for a week in San Ramon, Costa Rica at a local Community Center. It was amazing how quickly we felt at home! The best part of the dorm house is Dona Isabel. She is such a sweet lady and a fantastic cook! She would cook us traditional meals and frescos to drink. That was one of my favorite parts of the trip.
We spent the week volunteering at the Community Center with the children from the area. We had brought lots of things for the kids to do, which they really seemed to love! We made bracelets, magic wands, masks and puppets! They would be waiting for my friend and I at the classroom door in the morning, just to see what we would be doing that day. Being conversational in Spanish was definitely a plus; it definitely made it easier to communicate with the other volunteers and children.
We did have some downtime, where my friend and I explored the local area by visiting volcanoes, a coffee plantation, white water rafting and the hot springs. There was lots of things to do nearby to get in some real RandR (aka Rest and Relaxation) time. I had such an amazing experience and met the most amazing people. I would love to try and return in the future and would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is looking to volunteer abroad, even for just a week!
I wanted to say "Thank You" to Laura at the Center, who does a great job and really cares for the kids. Also, thank you to the staff who helped make the experience a memorable one! PURA VIDA!