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Ghana: Accra


The Accra program offers a unique opportunity for students to live and study in the heart of West Africa. It is the perfect destination for those who want to learn about the complex issues facing a developing African nation while enjoying a rich cultural, historical and social experience. You may enroll in a traditional African Studies program or choose from a wide array of courses taught in English at the University of Ghana. As you will be totally integrated at the university, you will live and study on campus alongside native Ghanaians while experiencing the culture, learning about the country, and making friends. Each semester includes several excursions in and around Accra to places like Lake Volta, the largest manmade lake and historic slave castles. You may choose to study for one semester, a full year, and/or for the summer.


The city of Accra is flourishing—the streets are clean and paved, the electricity is mostly stable and new shopping centers emerge frequently. It is a sprawling city with no true "city center." Instead, it is made up of numerous neighborhoods, each with its own distinct flavor. It is also home to several museums and private galleries, including the National Museum with its collection of traditional Ghanaian art, the National Archives, the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Supreme Court and Parliament buildings, cinemas, and many diverse markets. Musical protégé Stevie Wonder has a house in Accra, perhaps as a place from which to take in the sophisticated blend of jazz, Latin, and traditional beats which make Accra a music lover’s delight.

Ghana was the first country on the African continent to gain independence after colonization. Having been occupied by the Portuguese, Dutch, and British, Ghana still maintains much of the culture from these countries. Castles dot the landscape, and forts and palaces are still in use in many parts of the country. Ghana has many miles of beautiful beaches, a rain forest that is home to rare primate species, and a game park in the Northern region.

Modern Ghanaians still treasure their roots, and evidence of this is present in every aspect of society. Clothing is made from bright, colorful batiks, and men still wear toga-like clothing for special occasions. Ghana is a shopper’s paradise. Intricately hand-carved sculptures and batik cloths are abundant and, of course, there’s the gold for which the "Gold Coast" is famous. The government, stable now after many years of coups, is nurturing a growing economy in hopes of limiting its dependence on international monetary aid.

8 Overall Experience

It was Fun and Engaging Experience!

One of the Queen Mothers of Jamestown in Accra, dressed me up in her ceremonial robes one afternoon. It was completely random.

Also, it was inexpensive program and the time frame fit for summer.

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