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Barcelona Internship Program

Overall Rating

8/ 10

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Working Hard and Hardly Working

Spending two months in Barcelona interning abroad has really given me the best of both worlds; almost against my will I've worked hard and played hard every single day. The working lifestyle in Barcelona is much more laid back, people typically only work 4-5 hours a day and deadlines don't exist. That being said, you are still expected to show up to work on time and to at least seem productive. After work, it's custom to take at least a 2 hour siesta on the beach, kicking back with a beer or cocktail and reading a book is my go-to. The one downside of this experience is the 45+ minute train I have to take to and from the city and my dorm at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. The living spaces are really nice, every room has it's own bathroom and kitchenette and AC, and we get breakfast and dinner on weekdays. There's even a weekly maid service! After work and siesta, it's time for fiestas; no matter what night it is, from Sunday to Sunday, there's always a killer party going on. Whether it's at famous bars like Chupitos or Dow Jones, or at a club like Opium Mar or Otto Zutz, there's something for everyone. In Barcelona, the party typically doesn't even start until midnight, and easily rages on until the wee hours of the morning, so prepare yourself to drink a lot of coffee. Before this summer I had coffee once in a blue moon, now I have it at least once or twice a day. Iced espressos with a bit of Baileys mixed in are very refreshing in the afternoon! I also highly recommend Don Simon sangria, it's the best bang for your buck. Getting to work in the morning can be a struggle, but it's always worth it. My internship wasn't at all what I expected it to be; as a public relations major I expected to be working with social media or potential clients, instead I've learnt how to do some light coding and done a lot of research on the travel industry. Despite not being as relevant to my major, I've learned to embrace it, because the more skills you can master, the better your chances will be on the job market!

Today is the 2nd-to-last day of my internship here, and I can honestly say that I'll miss working here, and especially living here in Barcelona. I hope that I get the opportunity to revisit this city, because unlike any other city I've been to, in this city I keep discovering hidden gems, from amazing restaurants to such unique shops, artwork, and landmarks. To anyone who has a chance to come to Barcelona, no matter for how long, I say grab that chance with both hands and don't let go!