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University of Dallas Shakespeare in Italy Program

Overall Rating

10/ 10

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Absolutely Wonderful!

There are so many things I enjoyed about the Shakespeare in Italy program. From the very beginning I was met with kindness and sincere excitement for the journey I was about to take. The campus itself was beautiful and full of history. The adventures out in the eccentric city of Rome were so amazing. The places themselves that we visited were outstanding. Each of them, though still in the same country, all had a different feel to them. Rome had more people than the rest and was very much alive with its history and culture. Padua was a smaller, peaceful town that had all the elegance of Italy, only expressed in a more subtle way. Venice was colorful and eccentric with its grand palaces and cathedrals. The educated people that led us through these places also lead us through discussions and lectures during class. They were able to talk about the subject manner in an interesting way and some even made songs or jokes to make the information more memorable. For myself, I was able to grow more as an individual and take responsibility for where I was going and what I was doing. It was actually this adventure that strengthened my love of culture and helped me decide to become an English Literature major. The cost of this program is worth every penny and leaves you with more than just college credits, but also memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.