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Volunteer Abroad in Denmark - United Planet - 6 or 12 Months

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10/ 10

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My quest made me realize that we are stronger as a team

Completing my year-long Quest with United Planet has enabled me to start the life and career path that seemed like a pipe-dream only two years ago. Volunteering, traveling the world, and teaching ESL have been goals of mine that I've always dreamt of accomplishing and this past year I was finally able to achieve them. Volunteering in Denmark this past year as taught me that the world has so much to teach us and that we are doing ourselves a disservice if we don't open our eyes, hearts, and ears to learn from them. I've learned that sometimes its better to follow than to lead, and that leaning on your fellow colleagues for support isn't weak.

Meeting new people and gaining new perspectives of people from all over the world. A visiting ICYE member from England said at our end of the year camp that, "ICYE is like group therapy" and it truly is. You as a participant are afforded the unique opportunity to meet and learn from people you normally wouldn't come in contact with. I've been able to hear the about the life experiences and Quest goals of people from Mexico, France, Taiwan, Costa Rica, and many more places. Their personal views on life and their roles in it enabled me to realize that their are many means to an end and each can be effective. My quest made me realize that we are stronger as a team than we are an individuals, and real change comes when we embrace each others differences and similarities, working towards a common goal that benefits all instead of one.