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Travel for Teens: France Language (22 days)

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10/ 10

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Travel for Teens France Language (22 days)

This trip was the highlight of my summer, and I loved everything about it. On this trip we got to spend 18 days in Paris, so we really got to experience the culture and lifestyle of Parisians. This also gave us the opportunity to visit smaller, less touristy areas of Paris, which was awesome. After the time in Paris, we went to Nice to relax and experience a different area of France. The itinerary on this trip includes everything you could want to see in Paris, but it isn't very strict. A unique and truly special aspect of Travel for Teens is their willingness to change the itinerary based on students' interests. Having a loose schedule really allows students to make the trip their own.
One of the main things I enjoyed about this trip was the counselors. They were absolutely incredible, and they really took the time to get to know students. They were so interesting and kind, and it was obvious that they loved what they were doing. Every night, the counselors would post pictures and send emails to the parents and students including a detailed description of what we did that day. My parents appreciated this so much, and they loved being able to read the emails while seeing us in all of the amazing pictures.
I absolutely loved my summer with TFT and would recommend this trip to anyone, even those who haven't taken French classes!