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Year Founded: 2003

Travel For Teens believes that teen travel should be both fun and enriching. Our programs feature choice in what you do, see, and experience, a dynamic that sets us apart from superficial tours that herd large groups from one site to another. Travel For Teens believes in teaching teens to be travelers, not tourists.

We interact with our host cultures, taking cooking and dance lessons, performing valuable service work to help local communities, and conversing with the people who have spent their lives living in the places we journey to. We have crafted our unique programs to engender love for travel, hunger for learning, curiosity about differences, appreciation of similarities across cultures, and an understanding of what it means to be a global citizen.

Please note that Travel For Teens is open to participants between the ages of 13 to 18 years old.

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Travel for Teens : China Discovery

China : Beijing, Luoyang and 3 other cities , Qu Fu, Shanghai, Xi'an Show less

Looking for an adventure of cultural experience to stimulate your senses and your mind? This trip is for you! From the hustle and bustle of Shanghai to the Pandas of Chengdu...

Travel for Teens - Costa Rica Adventure and Service II

Costa Rica : Arenal, Monteverde and 3 other cities , Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui, San Jose, Turrialba Show less

Our second trip to Costa Rica is just as full of adventure activities, wildlife observation and community service as our first Costa Rica trip, and the two trips can be combined...

Travel for Teens - Costa Rica Adventure and Service I

Costa Rica : Puerto Viejo, San Jose and 2 other cities , Tortuguero, Turrialba Show less

Our first of two trips offered in Costa Rica is a perfect mix of adventure, sun, and community service. Spend 13 action packed days traveling through gorgeous green rainforests,...

Europe for Older Teens 2 : Italy, Switzerland and France

-Multi-Country Locations : France, Italy and 1 other location , Switzerland Show less

Explore some of the most famous destinations in Europe this summer by train on this incredible trip with Travel for Teens. Participants will splash in the Mediterranean sea,...

Europe for Older Teens 1 : Amsterdam, Munich, Swiss, Venice

-Multi-Country Locations : Germany, Italy and 2 other locations , Netherlands, Switzerland Show less

Backpack around Europe on a trip coordinated by Travel for Teens designed for older teenagaers. Programs have the perfect balance of travel expertise, insider connections,...

Travel for Teens

-Multi-Country Locations : Australia, Belgium and 22 other locations , Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Fiji, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United States Show less

Travel for Teens believes that teen travel should be both fun and enriching. Our programs feature choice in what you do, see, and experience, a dynamic that sets us apart...

Travel for Teens: Italy Photography - Tuscany and Venice

Italy : Cortona, Florence and 2 other cities , Siena, Venice Show less

Photographers know the Mediterranean light is different, lending a soft, golden hue to the landscape and the elegant architecture that surrounds you. Our hands-on photography...

Paris and the South of France High School Language Program

France : Nice, Paris

Explore the best of French culture with a trip to Paris and Southern France, improving language skills and visiting some of the country's most famous destinations. By becoming...

Travel for Teens: Cinque Terre Service

Italy : Capri, Naples and 3 other cities , Pisa, Roma (Rome), Sorrento Show less

Experience a truly varied service trip while diving straight into the rich cultures of Italy with the Cinque Terre Service program offered by Travel for Teens. Location visits...

Travel for Teens : Sicily Community Service

Italy : Catania, Syracuse

Travel for Teens Community Service trip in Sicily is a unique experience providing volunteers the opportunity to live with a host family, and also provide service to a local...

Travel for Teens: Fiji Service and Adventure

Fiji : Nadi

Go on an adventure to Fiji and experience a spectacular trip with cultural learning, fun, and relaxation. Participants will spend time eating traditional local foods, snorkeling,...

Travel for Teens : Amsterdam, Belgium and Paris

-Multi-Country Locations : Belgium, France and 1 other location , Netherlands Show less

Come join us for a trip that provides a thrilling mix of Europe’s most popular destinations and its lesser-known gems. Start off strolling along the canals of Amsterdam,...

Travel for Teens : Greece and Italy

-Multi-Country Locations : Greece, Italy

Experience the lifestyle, history, and culture of the Mediterranean on a program to Greece and Italy this summer! Participants will travel to sun-drenched cities and walk...

Travel for Teens : South Africa Community Service

South Africa : Cape Town (Kaapstad), East London and 3 other cities , Johannesburg, Kruger Park, Pretoria Show less

The journey begins in the coastal city of Cape Town, where travelers will take a township tour, explore V & A Waterfront, climb Table Mountain, and get up close with African...

Travel for Teens: Paris Photography

France : Paris

Paris is one of the most evocative and beguiling cities in the world, and it's no surprise that the art of photography has its origins in the French Capital. Come explore...

Travel for Teens: Madrid, Mallorca, and Barcelona Language

Spain : Barcelona, Madrid and 1 other city , Palma de Mallorca Show less

Experience the culture and language of Spain on this innovative program that explores the country while teaching participants the Spanish language in an active way. Courses...

Travel for Teens: Paris and the South of France

France : Caen, Chantilly and 4 other cities , Giverny, Monte Carlo, Nice, Paris Show less

Explore one of the worlds worlds legendary cities, which is home to a variety of historical figures and events! Paris is iconic in being Frances biggest and most vibrant...

Travel for Teens: Scotland and Ireland

-Multi-Country Locations : Ireland, Scotland

Journey to old Scotland and Ireland this summer to discover the ancient traditions and rapidly changing island nations. This trip begins in Edinburgh, one of the most culturally...

Travel for Teens : Greece - Athens and The Islands

Greece : Athinai (Athens), Paros and 1 other city , Santorini Show less

Greece, filled with warm smiles to welcome you and beautiful beaches to give you a relaxing enjoying experience. It is also with bustling markets, and the ruins of a glorious...

Travel for Teens: Classic Italy

Italy : Florence, Parma and 3 other cities , Pisa, Roma (Rome), Venice Show less

Explore the beauty and culture of Italy on this trip that includes history, food, and adventure. Ideal for teens, participants see the incredible sights of the Renaissance...

Travel for Teens: Eastern Europe - Budapest, Krakow, Prague

-Multi-Country Locations : Czech Republic, Hungary and 1 other location , Poland Show less

Visit three of Europe's most famous and historical destinations  Budapest, Krakow, and Prague  and gain an understanding of the rebuilding and change in these cities since...

Travel for Teens: Australia and New Zealand Service

-Multi-Country Locations : Australia, New Zealand

Visit New Zealand and Australia and experience the deep red of the Outback, wide sandy white beaches, tranquil green of the rainforest, and soaring glacial mountains. These...

Travel for Teens: London and Paris

France : Paris

Take a trip to Europe with Travel for Teens and experience two of its most famous cities: London and Paris. Through leadership from experienced guides with a focus on immersion...


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