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Better Than My Expectations: Studying Abroad at Roehampton University

I studied abroad for a semester at Roehampton University, allowing me to live and study in London from January until June. I had a desire to travel to London ever since I was nine years old, so I took advantage of the opportunity ten years later by studying abroad, which meant leaving my home country for the first time to see if London was all I hoped it would be. My home university in the United States of America had a direct partnership with Roehampton, which made it very affordable for me to study there.
The university isn't in central London, which makes some people hesitant about studying there if they want to be in the central part of the city. However, I found Roehampton was the best of both worlds. It is only a short bus ride or train ride from the hustle and bustle of one of the biggest cities in Europe, and there are still plenty of city perks in the Roehampton area. There are also some wonderful advantages to Roehampton to being located in southwest London. London is far more than the central city, and I was able to see more of London by studying at Roehampton. I discovered there is far more to the city than the well-known bits. In addition, the campus has a slightly secluded, enchanting feel, with beautiful architecture, ponds and lakes, and wildlife. The university is also quite close to Richmond Park, a large park that often made me feel I had stepped into the countryside while still being in London.
The university's academics are wonderful, too. I studied English Literature and Creative Writing while there and had encouraging, intelligent lecturers who always pushed me to work harder and think differently. The classes I took at Roehampton are some of my favorite classes I took during my entire college career. Also, the student body is very diverse and welcoming. I not only met and made friends with British students, but also with students from all over Europe and other students studying abroad at Roehampton. I very quickly adjusted to life at Roehampton, felt like a part of a community, and had London at my fingertips every time I left campus.
Studying abroad at Roehampton was everything I was hoping for and so much more. It was one of the best experiences of my life, and I would highly recommend Roehampton University to other college students interested in studying abroad in the United Kingdom.