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Our course is versatile and dynamic, we cover the full 120 hour TESOL course syllabus, but with the option of additional extra curricular fun packed activities which are

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TESOL-House is an excellent experience

My first trip to Asia has been an absolutely fantastic experience! TESOL-House has helped me each and every step of the way. Starting with my preliminary inquiries; everything has been exceptionally good. Staff and students on the campus are honest intelligent and fair. Experienced teachers have been among my peers in the class. We all learn numerous new concepts and achieve an important respected certificate. The school is part of the best businesses in Cambodia. Founder Dr. Mengly J. Quach has earned a reputation as the most respected businessperson in the country. He is well regarded as an philanthropist, medical professional and educator. All of his fine schools are excelling as are his students. I highly recommend each program is carefully evaluated. Job prospects are inexhaustible. The Quash educational system is even constructing a brand new forty story campus for students. Main existing campuses will all remain open. Perfect to land a good job after you graduate a marvelous TESOL program!

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