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Tel Aviv University first opened its gates over 40 years ago to international students from different parts of the world to embark on a rewarding personal and academic journey. Tel Aviv University has consistently ranked as one of the top institutions for higher education world-wide. As a world-class institution, many members of its distinguished faculty are recipients of international recognition and are considered leaders in their fields of study and research.

The School for Overseas Students of the university has enriched the lives of its international students, allowing them to reach new pinnacles of scholarly and personal success. Students who complete the international programs whether for study abroad or graduate studies, not only receive a superior education but also gain newfound insight into globalization and learn to live as citizens of the world.

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Hebrew Ulpan Language Program

Israel : Tel Aviv

Prior to the start of every semester, Tel Aviv University offers undergraduates and graduate students an Intensive Hebrew course to enhance their language skills for a more...

Semester/Year in Israel

Israel : Tel Aviv

The Semester/Year Abroad program is a desirable opportunity to lead off college careers and lets students experience a cultural journey that will make lasting impressions...

Academic GAP Year Program in Tel Aviv University

Israel : Tel Aviv

Named by National Geographic as the ninth best city in the world, Tel Aviv has much to offer to students and visitors alike. High school graduates can take advantage of this...

Arabic Language Program

Israel : Tel Aviv

To provide opportunity for students to fully immerse in the culture of Israel, Tel Aviv University offers Arabic Language Courses in two levels to suit the needs and proficiency...

A Voyage to Medicine in Israel

Israel : Tel Aviv

Offered for pre-med and health/science students, the Voyage to Medicine Program of Tel Aviv University provides a unique mix of seven academic courses in medicine and practical...

Entrepreneurship, Business and Innovation in Israel

Israel : Tel Aviv

Through the Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Business Program offered by Tel Aviv University in Israel is the ideal venue for those who are interested to enhance entrepreneurial...

Tel Aviv Universitys BA in Liberal Arts

Israel : Tel Aviv

This is a three-year B.A. program providing students with a strong foundation for Liberal Arts education and empowering them to succeed in this fast-paced world. A broad

B.Sc Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Taught in English

Israel : Tel Aviv

The B.Sc program in Electrical & Electronics Engineering offered by Tel Aviv University is especially designed for qualified students seeking a high quality technical education....

MA in Political Science: Communication and Leadership

Israel : Tel Aviv

Offered by Tel Aviv University, this Masters in Political Science and Communication Program is specially-designed for globally minded students. It will enhance their knowledge...

TAU/Boston Engineering Program

Israel : Tel Aviv

Boston University's Engineering Program, hosted by Tel Aviv University, Israel's leading university for higher education, offers students the opportunity to pursue engineering...

Graduate Programs at Tel Aviv University

Israel : Tel Aviv

Students eager to receive a Master's Degree from an international university will find the perfect fit in Tel Aviv University. It provides a great opportunity to earn a full-time...

Environmental Studies Summer Program

Israel : Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv/Eilat

Spend your summer exploring the Mediterranean Sea, Sea of Galilee, Dead Sea, Ein Gedi, and the Red Sea in Eilat in an Environmental Studies course with Tel Aviv University....

Yiddish Summer Program

Israel : Tel Aviv

A new four-week program in Yiddish language and culture is now available at Tel Aviv University in the summer. This course offers intensive Yiddish instruction at five levels...


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