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Tel Aviv University first opened its gates over 40 years ago to international students from different parts of the world to embark on a rewarding personal and academic journey. Tel Aviv University has consistently ranked as one of the top institutions for higher education world-wide. As a world-class institution, many members of its distinguished faculty are recipients of international recognition and are considered leaders in their fields of study and research.

The School for Overseas Students of the university has enriched the lives of its international students, allowing them to reach new pinnacles of scholarly and personal success. Students who complete the international programs whether for study abroad or graduate studies, not only receive a superior education but also gain newfound insight into globalization and learn to live as citizens of the world.

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B.Sc Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Taught in English

Israel : Tel Aviv

The B.Sc program in Electrical & Electronics Engineering offered by Tel Aviv University is especially designed for qualified students seeking a high quality technical education....

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