Volunteer Social Work Program in Monterrey, Mexico

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Mexico: Monterrey


Tecnologico de Monterrey's Social Formation and Community Support Department offers you the opportunity to participate in Community Social Service where you can be a Voluntary Student and be part of programs that will develop your personal and professional competence, thus enabling you to serve and act as an agent of social transformation.

You can participate on a project as a volunteer during the semester or the summer. During the summer you can combine your project with a Spanish Language course during the morning. Otherwise, you can participate as a full-time volunteer. During the semester, it would be recommended to combine your volunteer project with 2 or 3 classes.

* Community Service Learning Program

This program is similar to a volunteer social experience but with a more structured and objective-based project. On this program, students will establish learning objectives and will take a theoretical course on citizenship foundations and social commitment. At the end, you will have worked and developed a program which will have a real impact in the sustainable future development of a community in Mexico. You can also combine this program with a Spanish Language course if desired.

Presented in cooperation with Tecnologico de Monterrey's Social Formation and Community Support Department, this program includes alliances with private or public organizations that serve low income communities. At the beginning of the summer term, students will be assigned to a community project to work in a specific area such as: education, health care habits, ecology, construction and more.

Students will have a rewarding experience as they:

* Prepare and develop community activities.
* Promote the personal development of families.
* Improve the quality of life for those less fortunate.
* Interact with children, adolescents, parents, and other community members, while they develop human and leadership skills.

The commitment assumed by Tecnologico de Monterrey, in its Mission 2015, is "To form upright individuals, with high ethical values and a humanistic vision, who are committed to their community's development". According to this, the objective of the Social Formation and Community Support Department is to contribute to students development as agents of change in their communities and in society as a whole.

To this end, the Department develops affiliations between public and private organizations, the students, and the entire Tecnologico de Monterrey, Campus Monterrey in an effort to implement projects that serve the well-being of residents in the local community.

This program is only offered during the summer term.


Get Closely Involved with the Monterrey Community!

At Campus Monterrey, we promote the student's participation in programs and/or projects aimed to solve our country's real problems and needs, thus contributing to their social and humane formation.

In order to achieve the objectives mentioned above:

* We systematically develop and coordinate programs and projects that seek to improve the community's well-being.
* We establish alliances with public and private organisms.
* We involve the Tecnologico de Monterrey community in our programs.
* We promote skills, attitudes, values, and knowledge as defined in the Tecnologico de Monterrey's mission.

Our formative role aims to make the student and academic community an important force for the present and future development of Mexico. We invite you to become part of the Community Social Service as a Voluntary Student; by doing so, you will have the opportunity to get to know, reflect on, feel, analyze, and participate in this social reality, thus giving more meaning to your life.

Program Duration

1-2 Week, 2-4 Week, 5-8 Week


  • English
  • Spanish

Cost in US$:

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Experience Required


Volunteer Types

  • Community Development
  • Community Organizing
  • Social Services, Social Work

This Program is open to

Worldwide Participants.

Application Process Involves

  • Letters of Reference
  • Online Application
  • Other
  • Resume
  • Transcript