Internship Program and Research Projects


Mexico: Monterrey


Encounter the business world first-hand with one of Tecnologico de Monterrey's Internship Program. This extraordinary opportunity takes you into a local corporation where you get to combine your language and academic skills with your business know-how. Obtain practical hands-on experience - experience you normally wouldn't get until after you graduated - while you:

* Gain valuable on-the-job training and an understanding of international business strategies.
* Develop personal relationships with local business people.
* Vastly improve your communication skills in Spanish.
* Gain a priceless experience to add to your resume.

Due to Mexican immigration laws, international students are not financially compensated for these internships. However, sometimes a company may provide a minimal stipend for your meals or transportation.

Internships are currently available in one of the following three major industries:

* Business
* Engineering and high tech
* Social sciences and humanities


Will I Earn Academic Credits?

Internships are part of the academic load; therefore, you will earn 4 academic credits for the program you participate in.

Internship A (part time)
- 280 hours of work during the academic period
- 3 credits

Internship B (full time)*
- 560 hours of work during the academic period
- 6 credits

*Internship B is not available during the summer session.
Important: Internships during the summer session will last 8 weeks.

How Do I Get Placed?

If you're applying for Internship A (part-time), once your application is received and approved, Tecnologico de Monterrey organizes up to two company interviews for you during the first week of classes. If your application is for a summer internship, only one interview will be set up.

If you are applying for Internship B (full-time), you will have a long distance interview (either by phone or e-mail) before you arrive in Mexico.

After a match between you and one of our partner companies has been found, your work schedule is arranged and your internship begins. The final decision regarding your internship is made by the company providing the internship, not by ITESM.

How is my Work Evaluated?

Once accepted into an internship program, you are assigned a Tecnologico de Monterrey internship coordinator. Your coordinator ensures that you're meeting the goals of the project as well as the company's expectations. In addition, you are assigned an on-site company supervisor who helps you succeed by explaining what the project involves and providing guidance along the way.

Research Projects:

If you'd prefer to do research instead of work for a company, Tecnologico de Monterrey offers you the possibility to participate on a research project at any one of our 25 research centers. Obtain valuable experience while being advised by research specialists in your choice of the following areas:

* Information Technologies and Communications
* Biotechnology
* Materials
* Design and Manufacturing Processes
* Urban and Rural Infrastructure and Development
* Improving Education Through Technology
* Public Administration and Policy
* Business Administration and Leadership
* Incubation of Technology-based Firms and the Stimulation of Innovation Parks
* Humanities.

Some of the research centers available at Tecnologico de Monterrey are:

* Center for Agriculture Business (CEAG)
* Center for Analysis and Evaluation of Public Politics (CAEP)
* Center for Biotechnology (CB)
* Center for Environmental Quality (CCA)
* Center for Quality and Manufacture (CCM)
* Center for Retailer Commerce (CCD)
* Center for Metropolitan Development (CEDEM)
* Center for Design and Construction (CDC)
* Center for Family Company (CEF)
* Center for Strategic Studies (CEE)
* Center for North American Studies (CEN)
* Center for Innovation Design and Technology (CIDyT)
* Center of Innovation and Health Transference (CITES)
* Center for Health Sciences Research (CIECS)
* Center for Electronics and Telecommunications (CET)
* Center for Research in Computer Science (CII)
* Development of New Education Systems (CIETES)
* Center for Information and Communications (CINCO)
* Center for Knowledge Systems (CSC)
* Center for Ethical Values (CVE)
* Center for Intelligent Systems (CSI)
* Center of Water for Latin America and the Caribbean (CAALCA)
* Center for the Regional and National Development (CEDERENA)


Throughout the year


Advanced Spanish skills are recommended for all internships, but not required. There are only a limited number of English speaking internships available. Check with your advisor regarding what may be available to you at the present time.

Intern Types

  • Agriculture
  • Business Admin, Management
  • Communications
  • Computer Science
  • Development
  • Engineering (Electrical)
  • Health Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Public Admin, Public Pol, Govt
  • Social Sciences
  • Technology
  • Urban & Regional Planning


  • English
  • Spanish

Cost in US$:

Please contact us for more information

Experience Required


This Program is open to

Worldwide Participants.

Application Process Involves

  • Essay
  • Resume
  • Online Application
  • Transcript
  • Letters of Reference