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Year Founded: 1959

For more than 50 years, Syracuse University Abroad (SU Abroad) has taken students across the globe to live, study, intern, and connect in foreign communities. Every year, we send 2,000 students to more than 60 countries. Our eight centers – in Beijing, Florence, Hong Kong, Istanbul, London, Madrid, Santiago, and Strasbourg – offer high-quality study abroad programs for students of all disciplines to study, intern, volunteer, and become a part of the local culture. Each center is managed by an academic director and bicultural support staff, allowing students to design integrated programs appropriate to their academic and language abilities. Come join Syracuse University for a semester, summer, or academic year for an unforgettable experience.

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Syracuse University London Center

England : London

With over thirty years of experience, Syracuse University's London Centre is located in the heart of this vibrant city. It offers professional courses in theater, public

Syracuse University Madrid Center

Spain : Madrid

As a student in the SU Madrid program, you will start your semester abroad by embarking on one of four amazing traveling academic experiences, aimed at giving you the best...

Syracuse University Florence Center

Italy : Florence

SU Florence is one of the oldest and most prestigious study abroad programs in all of Europe. Its academic courses and related activities have evolved in the context of a...

Madrid Summer Session

Spain : Madrid

Madrid is a brilliant city known for its exciting nightlife and superb fashion. The days here are full of sunshine and the nights are exploding with colors and sounds of

Comparative Health Policy

Switzerland : Geneve [Geneva]

This 6-credit undergraduate and graduate course will use a variety of modalities for students to learn about comparative health policies. Students will visit Manchester,

Portfolio Moscow

Russia : Moscow (Moskva)

The program is an advanced studio and art history/theory class, in which students will focus on their development of a creative vision and personal system of production -...

Words Between Worlds: Workshop in Creative Nonfiction

France : Strasbourg

Creative nonfiction was famously defined by David Foster Wallace as prose which included “personal essays and memoirs, profiles, nature and travel writing, narrative essays,...

Mass Media in London

England : London

As a European hub and portal to the world, the United Kingdom offers an unparalleled learning opportunity to study mass media in all its forms. Indeed, few cities, even within...

Global Religious Pluralism in London

England : London

This course invites students to explore the rich and complex dynamics of religious pluralism within the global metropolis of London. As an intense, immersion program, the...

Civic Writing in London

England : London

In this London based course, you will explore writing and community activism through the voices of Londoners in local writing and publishing groups with histories starting...

Public Diplomacy Internships in Brussels

Belgium : Brussels

Gain an understanding of public diplomacy and persuasive journalism in a European and international context in the heart of the European Union.

Comparative Indigenous Studies: Australia

Australia : Canberra

This hands-on program allows students to learn about Indigenous studies from a global and comparative perspective at one of the leading centers of Indigenous education in...

Australia: Sport, History, and Culture

Australia : Sydney

The country of Australia offers enriching opportunities for students interested in the rich cultural exchange, fascinating heritage and Australia’s love of sport which

South Asian Culture: Family, Food, and Healthcare Systems

India : New Delhi

This course introduces students involved in social science, health care and education-related professional programs to the South Asian culture, family, food, and health care...

Bollywood Practicum

India : Agra, Mumbai

Bollywood Practicum is a three-week, hands-on production course that offers an intensive experience studying film and/or video production in Bollywood (the popular commercial...

Women and Gender in the Arab World

-Multi-Country Locations : Countries Worldwide

Students enrolled in this upper-level course will travel to Beirut, Amman, and the West Bank for three weeks to directly engage with issues pertaining to the study of gender...

Olympic Odyssey

-Multi-Country Locations : Europe Region

Trace the culture and history of the Olympic movement through some of its most significant sites: London, Paris, Lausanne, and Athens.

Literacy, Inclusion, and Diversity in Italy

Italy : Florence, Roma (Rome)

Italy is widely known as having some of the most progressive legal policies supporting inclusive practice and an over 30-year tradition of educating students with disabilities...

Religion, Law, and Human Rights in Comparative Perspective

France : Strasbourg

Focusing on both European and non-European jurisdictions, the course will introduce students to contemporary debates about the role of religion in public and political life,...

Design Through A Tourist's Eye

Japan : Kyoto, Tokyo

This traveling research course will investigate architecture and planning born of the meeting of distinct cultures, societies, and governments, with a focus on projects

South Africa: Implementing Health Education Programs

South Africa : Grahamstown

This course will be delivered in two formats, beginning with an online-supported module students will complete prior to traveling to South Africa. During the online module,...

The Culture and Politics of Reconciliation

-Multi-Country Locations : Europe Region

This fall program allows students to experience the unique culture found in Wroclaw, Poland. The semester will be filled with learning, travel, and the ability to experience...

Nineteenth-Century Urban Cultures: Class Commerce Spectacle

England : London

Over the course of the nineteenth century, London and Paris were transformed from dark, congested, and dangerous cities into the modern, organized capitals we experience

Summer Internships in China

China : Beijing, Shanghai

Internships in Shanghai: In an ever-changing global business climate, what better way to build your resumé than interning for a company or organization in Shanghai? The...

Syracuse University Santiago Center

Chile : Santiago

Live in two beautiful South American cities: Cuenca, Ecuador and Santiago, Chile, while refining your Spanish language skills. The SU Santiago program is open to graduate...

Syracuse University Istanbul Center

Turkey : Istanbul

The SU Istanbul Center is located at Bahcesehir University, an ideal location for enjoying the best the city has to offer. Built directly on the waterfront of the European...

The Road to Democracy in the Islamic World

Turkey : Istanbul

This program was inspired by the Arab Spring demonstrations against authoritarian rule in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, and Syria. The seminar continues to track...

Three Cities Asia: Architecture and Urbanism

-Multi-Country Locations : China, Taiwan

In this 9-credit studio and seminar, students will live in 3 dense and vibrant Asian cities - Hong Kong, Taipei, and Shanghai. Through visiting prominent urban attractions...

Survey of Current Issues in African Migration

Ghana : Accra

Participate in this program on migration and obtain an understanding of current issues in Ghana. Students will work closely with the International Organization for Migration...

Italian Film Studies in Bologna

Italy : Bologna

Learn about Italian film through this immersive study program centered around the world famous classic film festival, Il Cinema Ritrovato. Renowned film scholars and filmmakers...

Inside the London Theater

England : London

Experience the range and breadth of London theater: from well-known titles to lesser-known discoveries, from the tried-and-true to the comparatively untested, from musical...

Syracuse University Beijing Center

China : Beijing

Now is the right time and SU Beijing is the right place for you if you hope to understand a country with thousands of years of history and a rich cultural heritage and tradition,...

Florence Summer Session

Italy : Florence

Students on the summer program in Florence can gain a firsthand understanding of the artistic, economic, political, architectural, and literary trends and treasures of this...

Engineering Internships and Research Projects in Strasbourg

France : Strasbourg

Take part in a summer experience approved by the Syracuse University College of Engineering that allows students to undertake an independent project along with a partner

Summer Internships in Strasbourg

France : Strasbourg

Become immersed in French culture and gain experience practicing language skills through an internship in Strasbourg. SU Abroad can arrange a placement with an organization...

Singapore Summer Internship Program

Singapore : Singapore City

Participate in the Singapore Summer Internship Programs, and you will be placed in hand-picked governmental, financial, commercial or not-for-profit organizations throughout...

Graduate Internships in Geneva

Switzerland : Geneve [Geneva]

This program places graduate students in internships with international organizations in Geneva. The first week of the nine-week program is devoted to an intensive introductory...

Law Internships in London

England : London

London is your campus for the summer law program. The city affords boundless opportunities for immersion in legal history, as well as observation of modern legal institutions...

Paris Noir: Contemporary Life in Diaspora

France : Paris

Have the experience of a lifetime exploring the strong influence Black cultures have had on Paris and the world, with the Paris Noir program. From James Baldwin to Josephine...

Syracuse University Strasbourg Center

France : Strasbourg

Strasbourg is the place where much of the business of integrated Europe is carried out. It houses the Council of Europe, Court of Human Rights, and the European Parliament...

Syracuse University Hong Kong Center

China : Hong Kong

To fully capitalize on the advantage's of Hong Kong's culturally rich, diverse, and modern setting, SU Hong Kong is utilizing contacts with leading educational institutions,...