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Syracuse University's abroad program consistently ranks among the highest-quality international study programs in the country. Students who choose our abroad programs prepare for the world with invaluable internships, language study at all levels, homestays, and community engagement projects. We currently operate eight overseas centers in China, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Chile, France, and the United Kingdom. Our centers are recognized for quality academic programs across professional and liberal arts fields, excellent teaching staff, and superior student services. Each center is managed by an academic director and bicultural support staff, and has close ties with local universities, allowing students to design integrated programs appropriate to their academic and language abilities. Syracuse University Abroad students have study options in over 30 additional countries.

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Engineering Internships and Research Projects in Strasbourg

France : Strasbourg

Take part in a summer experience approved by the Syracuse University College of Engineering that allows students to undertake an independent project along with a partner

The Culture and Politics of Reconciliation

-Multi-Country Locations : Europe Region

This fall program allows students to experience the unique culture found in Wroclaw, Poland. The semester will be filled with learning, travel, and the ability to experience...

Architecture Fabrication Convoy: Paris, Stuttgart, Zurich

-Multi-Country Locations : Europe Region

This program allows students to study architecture during the summer while visiting amazing locations including Switzerland, Germany, and France. This program allows students...

East Meets West: Architecture at the Crossroads

Turkey : Istanbul

Experience class and field lectures from architects, urbanists, and scholars, with this unique opportunity to study in Istanbul through Syracuse University. Both undergraduate...

Art in the Court Cities of Italy

Italy : Ferrara, Florence and 2 other cities , Milan, Urbino Show less

This 12 - day program will help you understand the extraordinary art and architecture of Renaissance Italy's most important princely courts by studying original monuments...

Case Studies and Methods

France : Strasbourg

Students can experience the incredible culture and interesting history of one of Europe's most dynamic cities, Strasbourg, France. As a prime example for the new political...

Nineteenth-Century Urban Cultures: Class Commerce Spectacle

England : London

Over the course of the nineteenth century, London and Paris were transformed from dark, congested, and dangerous cities into the modern, organized capitals we experience

Havana, Revolutionary City

Cuba : Havana

Have an amazing experience during the summer living in Havana, Cuba learning about this city of revolution. To be eligible for this experience, students must be either undergraduate...

Summer Internships in China

China : Beijing, Shanghai

Internships in Shanghai: In an ever-changing global business climate, what better way to build your résumé than interning for a company or organization in Shanghai? The...

Mumbai: Landscape of Urban Misuse Architecture

India : Mumbai

Students in this program will explore the urban landscape of Mumbai, delving into the juxtapositions and curiosities of this metropolis. The course will look at (mis)appropriations...

Retracing Darwin's Footsteps in the Galapagos

Ecuador : Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands have long held a special place in the history of biology and remain an active area of research in the fields of ecology and evolution. Students in

Syracuse University Santiago Center

Chile : Santiago

Students get to live in two beautiful locationS in South America while refining Spanish language skills in this program. It is open to all undergraduate students with good...

Syracuse University Istanbul Center

Turkey : Istanbul

Explore the cultural hub of Istanbul, while studying abroad at one of the most forward thinking institutions with English instruction. This program not only offers the sought...

Urban Transformations: The Revitalization of Central Europe

-Multi-Country Locations : France, Germany and 1 other location , Poland Show less

Students on this three-country program will explore locations throughout central Europe including France, Germany, and Poland in order to gain an understanding of the impacts...

Contemporary Chamber Intensive in Strasbourg, France

France : Strasbourg

Take part in an intensive program focused on composition and chamber performance in the two-week Contemporary Chamber Music. Focused on uniting performer and composers, this...

Social Responsibility Enterprise in South Africa

South Africa : Grahamstown

Through the Social Responsibility Enterprise in South Africa program, students will review pre and post apartheid South Africa through a critical lens and will examine the...

International Financial Reporting Practicum

England : London

This course provides a technical overview of international financial reporting, overview of other professional financial services, and cultural training in global financial...

The Road to Democracy in the Islamic World

Turkey : Istanbul

Any undergraduate or graduate students in good academic standing at an accredited college or university is eligible to apply to The Road to Democracy in the Islamic World...

Contemporary Art and Culture in Berlin

Germany : Berlin

Participate in an immersive program in Berlin examining contemporary art, being involved in art critiques, visiting artistic hotspots, and learning about the trends and influences...

Australia: Sport, History, and Culture

Australia : Cairns, Melbourne and 1 other city , Sydney Show less

This unique study abroad experience allows U.S. students to live in Australia for the summer. Students will examine the sports industry in Australia and expand their knowledge...

Three Cities Studio: Architecture in Europe

-Multi-Country Locations : Finland, Italy and 1 other location , Netherlands Show less

Engage in a nine-week program with trips to Florence, Rome, Venice, Tuscany, Siena, and Amsterdam. The program will begin in Florence at the Syracuse University. The University...

Survey of Current Issues in African Migration

Ghana : Accra

Participate in this program on migration and obtain an understanding of current issues in Ghana. Students will work closely with the International Organization for Migration...

Caribbean Music Journey: Dominican Routes

Dominican Republic : Santiago

This unique experience allows student to study the music and dance of the Caribbean firsthand. Spend the summer learning about the musical life of the Dominican. Prior Spanish...

Drug Policy in Global Perspective

-Multi-Country Locations : Italy, Netherlands

This course is dedicated to those interested in learning about innovative harm reduction and pragmatic public health strategies that focus on alcohol, drugs and addictive...

Italian Film Studies and Production in Bologna

Italy : Bologna

Learn about Italian film through this immersive study program centered around the world famous Cinema Ritrovato, focusing on classic film. Over the span of eight days, this...

Inside the London Theater

England : London

Experience the range and breadth of London theater: from well-known titles to lesser-known discoveries, from the tried-and-true to the comparatively untested, from musical...

Syracuse University Beijing Center

China : Beijing

Studying abroad at Tsinghua University in Shanghai, China, is a unique and rewarding experience for students. This program is offered for both undergraduate and graduate

Madrid Summer Session

Spain : Madrid

Madrid is a brilliant city known for its exciting nightlife and superb fashion. The days here are full of sunshine and the nights are exploding with colors and sounds of

Florence Summer Session

Italy : Florence

Students on the summer program in Florence can gain a firsthand understanding of the artistic, economic, political, architectural, and literary trends and treasures of this...

Fashion Photography in London

England : London

The program comprises a core course that provides the foundation of knowledge you need to develop your own creative profile in fashion photography and an independent study...

Summer Internships in Strasbourg

France : Strasbourg

Become immersed in French culture and gain experience practicing language skills through an internship in Strasbourg. SU Abroad can arrange a placement with an organization...

Singapore Summer Internship Program

Singapore : Singapore City

If you are interested in gaining an awareness of the Asian mindset and market, a summer internship in a country consisting of Malays, Indians, and Chinese is for you. Through...

Geneva, Switzerland: Graduate Internships

Switzerland : Geneve [Geneva]

This program places graduate students in internships with international organizations in Geneva. The first week of the nine-week program is devoted to an intensive introductory...

Law Internships in London

England : London

London is your campus for the summer law program. The city affords boundless opportunities for immersion in legal history, as well as observation of modern legal institutions...

Paris Noir: Literature, Art and Contemporary Life

France : Paris

Have the experience of a lifetime exploring the strong influence Black cultures have had on Paris and the world, with the Paris Noir program. From James Baldwin to Josephine...

Media and Diversity in London

England : London

A good starting point for this experience can be found in the motto of the United States, e pluribus unum, meaning, of course, "from many, one." You cast your eyes on that...

Comparative Health Policy

-Multi-Country Locations : Europe Region

This program allows students to travel to multiple European countries studying comparative health policy. In order to be eligible for this program, students must have good...

Syracuse University London Center

England : London

With over thirty years of experience, Syracuse University's London Centre is located in the heart of this intriguing city. It offers professional courses in theater, public...

Syracuse University Madrid Center

Spain : Madrid

Syracuse University has helped students experience the many sides of Spain for over 25 years. With this Madrid based program, SU will give participants the opportunity to...

Syracuse University Florence Center

Italy : Florence

Study abroad in Florence and take advantage of Syracuse's history and experience in the city. The program was started in 1959 and gives students the chance to explore the...

Syracuse University Strasbourg Center

France : Strasbourg

Strasbourg is where much of the business of integrated Europe is carried out. It houses the Council of Europe, Court of Human Rights, and the European Parliament of the European...

Syracuse University Hong Kong Center

China : Hong Kong

Studying in Hong Kong is a great opportunity for any student wishing to improve their cultural diversity. This semester long experience allows U.S. students to take classes...


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