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Study Abroad in Laos

During the five week-long program administered by the Center for Lao Studies (CLS), students will partake in language and cultural lessons at the Lao-American College (LAC),...

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Crossroads of Japan

This travel-oriented, two-week study abroad program utilizes the rich resources of this important region to achieve a broad understanding of 1000 years of Japanese history...

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International Business Seminar in Europe (Graduate Focused)

Students can participate in a Graduate-focused International Business Seminar in Italy through Northern Illinois Universitys study abroad program. They get the chance to...

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Study Global Health, Environment and Culture in Indonesia

Northern Illinois University offers students the opportunity to study Global Health, Environment and Culture in Indonesia. The programs main goal is to give participants...

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Study Conservation Biology in Madagascar - Past and Present

Broaden knowledge in the field of Biology and Primatology while studying at Northern Illinois University. Madagascar offers a massive exotic biodiversity of existing and

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Sierra Leone

African Democracy and Socio-Economic Development

This program will give students a first hand experience of the economic, social, and envrionmental challenges faced by people in Sierra Leone. You will be given an alternative...

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Study History and Literature in Bordeaux

Northern Illinois University gives students the opportunity to study History and Literature in Bordeaux. Participants will gain in-depth knowledge of French culture, literature,...

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Peace, Justice, and the International Courts

From the end of the nineteenth century to the present, genocides have been some of the most notorious events in world history. These atrocities affect all nation states and...

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Latin American Culture & Spanish Language

The purpose of the Northern Illinois University Latin American Culture and Spanish Language program is to provide participants with the opportunity to incorporate study abroad...

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Global Health, Environments and Cultures in Indonesia

Music, dance, theatre, architecture, and crafts are important parts of Balinese culture. Through this program, students will experience these arts by interacting with the...

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Deutschland Heute – Facets of Contemporary German

This program is a unique opportunity to improve participants understanding and speaking skills by requiring them to ready, write, speak listen and understand the target language...

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NIU at Trinity College, Dublin

The NIU at Trinity College, Dublin program is based at one of Europe's historic universities in Ireland's capital city. It focuses on the central themes of the Irish experience:...

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Cultural Diversity in Thailand

This program focuses on cultural diversity in Thailand and on the relationship between the dominant majority and minorities of the country. The course provides students

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Experiential Learning with NGOs in Tanzania

Take an Engaged Learning Course that explores the role of NonGovernmental Organizations (NGOs) in Tanzanian Development. Program participants get the chance to experience...

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