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Vietnam: Culture, Social Change, and Development

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10/ 10

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Reflecting perspective

Overall, being part of the SIT Vietnam Culture, Social Change, and Development boosted my confidence and abilities to be independent and versatile. Travelling internationally became an enlightening and fun experience to meet new people and cultures. Being able to widen my cultural immersions, global perspective, and foreign discoveries gave direction toward a path I wanted to seek and be an active global citizen. My time with SIT abroad gave me the opportunity to meet, understand, and appreciate the multiculturalism that is around me.

My experience is Vietnam was very unique as I went knowing the language at an intermediary level. The SIT staff members, faculty, and student volunteers were all extremely nice and forthcoming. They were very eager to help and show us around on their mopeds. In addition to the support of the staff and host families, our travels throughout the country was exquisite. We got to see lots of different cities, environments (delta, mountains, urban, rural), climates, nonprofit works, etc. Getting to see a grand tour of the whole country was nice and pleasant. The coursework was also very self-oriented which is a style of teaching I preferred as I have more room for interpretation of my writing direction and project.

Biggest thing I got from the experience is the travel bug, and life-long friends. I had the opportunity to travel with my local peers and revisit them during a graduation trip back! I did significantly improve my language as well, placing Advance-mid for my speaking and Advance-low for reading and writing. I hope others take on the time study abroad experience!