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Buenos Aires & Iguazu Falls Tours

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8/ 10

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Buenos Aires & Iguazu travel adventure

I am studying abroad in Uruguay, and I decided to spend my week off visiting Argentina…what a great decision! When I got to Buenos Aires, it was great to see a friendly face from Say Hueque at the airport, and I absolutely loved their unique city tour (I saw the main sights of the city but also saw places way off the regular tourist route). I enjoyed my time in Buenos Aires, which had a similar vibe to Montevideo while still having its own feel to it, but the real wow factor on my trip was the time I spent in Iguazu. I travelled to Iguazu from Buenos Aires by bus (the seats were more comfortable than most airplane seats I’ve sat in!) and was again met by Say Hueque staff when I arrived to Iguazu. Since I was travelling by myself, it was great to have somebody to show me around the falls and answer my questions. The view of the falls was incredible…and nothing will beat the experience of walking out on the boardwalk over the Devil’s Throat. I would absolutely recommend this trip for other students planning a trip to Iguazu Falls.