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8/ 10

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How Regents saved me

Though this was not my program and my school was directly linked to Regents, Regents honestly saved my life. Prior to coming I was in a heavy depression and anxiety. I did not know if I would make it in my home town or if I needed to take a semester off. Studying abroad at Regents opened my eyes up to a whole new world that I had no idea that existed. I achieved happiness, close friends, and adventures that will be with me to last a lifetime. Regents saved me from myself and helped me find myself in the most amazing way possible. Regents helped me find the person I was looking for: the girl who was no longer afraid to be herself and become truly independent. Even though the food could have been more diverse and the wifi could have been better, it was my little home away from a place that I no longer call home. I came from feeling so refreshed. I long for my twin bed but I know that without Regents university I would not have been able to be the strong woman I am now. Thank you Regents for being my ultimate savior.